Thanks to my little bout of whatever it was (I still blame the spring roll, but hubby thinks my symptoms were more like that of a migraine) we didn’t get out and about too much in Bangkok this trip – well, certainly… Read More

  This post was originally published in 2013 on our previous visit to Bangkok. Given, though, that we re-visited Jim Thompson House this year, I’m re-posting…with new pics. ‘Jim Thompson?’ my husband asked, ‘who the flip is Jim Thompson?’ Ok, he didn’t… Read More

The biggest water fight in the world. The streets are filled with guns – but not the kind that can cause you any harm. These guns use water as ammunition – and there’s certainly plenty of that around. Giant barrels full of… Read More

I’m not a shopper. There’s something about those great air-conditioned malls that sets my teeth on edge. I think it has something to do with the lack of windows, or that anything could be happening outside and you wouldn’t know about it…. Read More

Ok, I’m about to go out on a limb here…The Palms at Kamala has been the best accommodation the three of us have stayed in in Asia. In any holiday. There, I said it. Sure, hubby and I have had some great… Read More

There’s a reason why I’ve delayed telling you too much about where we’ve spent the last few days- because I don’t want the secret to get out. Most people who know of the island of Phuket mostly know about Patong, and when… Read More

We first saw them posing out of the side of the tuk tuk that had been freshly polished for the occasion. ‘Isn’t that cute?’ I said to Sarah. Then they were cavorting on the beach, a white floppy hat perched her head… Read More

  As I mentioned yesterday, we’re in Phuket at the moment. Despite the rocky start with the luggage, it’s bliss here. To back-track, we left London just after 8pm on Monday evening. We’d checked out of our hotel much earlier that day, so… Read More

We’re in Phuket. Well, Kamala Beach on Phuket Island to be exact. If you’ve been keeping up with my twitter account, you’d know that thanks to a mishap of the luggage kind, this hasn’t been a smooth entry. That, however, is one… Read More

Old Siam. It sounds like, I don’t know, like some place exotic, palatial, a place where spices and silks were traded. It sounds like it would have been a place where majestic barges paraded up the river with flags and banners proclaiming… Read More

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