Ummmm wow. Just wow. The toughest part of this post was in choosing which photos to use. Anyways, this place is a Bangkok absolutely no excuses must see. Also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, this is a huge, glittering,… Read More

So, anyways, I have more to post yet on Thailand, but here’s the round up post for Phuket… Where we stayed Gracelands Resort on Patong Beach. This is a great family resort. Located on the northern- so quieter and cleaner- end of… Read More

The girl in the deckchair four spaces along has the largest piece of belly button jewellery I’ve seen. The guy on the deckchair beside me is one seriously artfully inked piece of French eye candy. I know it’s artful, because there’s a… Read More

The troop came down from the forest. First the adults- some males, a few females with babies clutching to their chests- then the younger members, the toddlers scampering across the rocks, the more experienced teenagers balancing on branches. The troop was macaques… Read More

as seen around Siam Square, Bangkok…     Can you see the phone boxes on the wall below? Here’s a hint…    

Shopping. No Bangkok visit would be complete without some. I suppose…I’m not a big shopper. So, a run down of the main events around Siam Square… MBK Centre My husband loves this place…but he likes shopping… Anyways, he says it reminds him… Read More

So, anyways, we’ve been in Thailand for just over a week now.  While there’s lots more I need to post, I’ve been collecting a few fun facts along the way. Hashtagfunfacts…as Miss T would say… Thresholds Thresholds in traditional Thai houses are… Read More

When travelling in Asia some things hold true: In large shopping malls, the toilets get better the higher up you go I never ever buy food from vendors in low cost airport terminals- they know they you’re not going to get sick… Read More

They wouldn’t dare…would they? A group of teenage boys approached the vehicle where it was stopped at the lights, lifted their weapons to their shoulders and threw with all of their strength. Through the open sides of the tuk tuk stationed at… Read More

‘You must go to Jim Thompson house,’ she said. Sue, from Denver, Colorado, was the fourth person to tell us this in the few hours since we landed in Bangkok. ‘Jim Thompson?’ my husband asked, ‘who the flip is Jim Thompson?’ Ok,… Read More