It hasn’t been a great week. Hubby and I spent the weekend in Brisbane doing some Christmas shopping and celebrating the launch of my new novel. Then on Sunday, on our way home, we heard that a very close friend had… Read More

The last time we came to Fraser Island was in May 1994 – a day trip from Surfers Paradise where we’d been honeymooning. Yes, that long ago. I remember bits and pieces from that day. I remember the guide telling us that… Read More

I distinctly recall the last time I stayed in a tent. It was in a caravan park in Mallacoota – we were living in Bombala at the time – and I must have been about 13. It was a 6 man tent… Read More

I’ve been in Melbourne for the weekend and my feet hurt. A lot – I’ve walked miles – as I always do when I’m here. But I’m also very happy. This city always makes me happy. It inspires me. I love the… Read More

So, it’s Saturday morning and you have the weekend in Melbourne. Aside from shopping, the big question is what to do? I’ve kept the focus of this post pretty much to the city – with an excursion to Fitzroy – but there’s… Read More

Regular readers will know that I have a soft spot for street art. In fact, click onto the Melbourne option in the menu bar and you’ll find heaps of pics of street art…I even posted my own walking tour. If you’re interested,… Read More

Pumpkin is one of those vegetables (yes, I know that technically it’s a fruit) that I have a love-hate relationship with. My mother used to mash it with potato and I hated it so much I’d gag on it. ‘Oh Joanne,’ she’d… Read More

So anyways, we had a fabulous weekend in Eucumbene. It was cold enough that we got to wear proper winter jackets and beanies, but not uncomfortably so. It didn’t snow, but there was plenty higher up left over from the big dump… Read More

I think it’s time that we talked more about the mighty jaffle. For hundreds of years people have been putting fillings between two pieces of bread and putting it all in a cast iron jaffle maker and sticking it into an open… Read More

So anyways, it’s Friday. As this goes to post, we’re heading south for our annual camping trip– although to call it camping isn’t strictly correct: There’s no sleeping in tents- well, except for my brother- but that’s his choice There is a flushing toilet and… Read More