About me…

Hi, I’m Jo.

I live in paradise – on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia with my husband, daughter and a cocker spaniel who takes her role as resident flop-dog and guardian of my office very seriously. She has, however, been known to sleep a tad too much on the job – the dog, that is.

An unapologetic daydreamer, eternal optimist, and confirmed morning person, I write contemporary romance, romantic comedy, women’s fiction and what I like to call foodie-lit – which is the perfect excuse to indulge my baking habit in the name of research. My characters cook whatever it is I want to be cooking – or learning to cook. Then there are their occupations; through my characters I get to try out occupations I’d never conceivably do or the business ideas that my husband says, “maybe that needs a little more thought darling.” It’s the daydreaming thing again.

Even though I love where I live, it’s my travels that inspire my stories. From Melbourne to Queenstown, Bali, Hong Kong and The Cotswolds, you never quite know where you’ll end up, but it will be somewhere that takes you away from your every day. I’m always looking for a happy ending, so that’s what I write – happy endings. Is that a spoiler alert? Probably, but sometimes it’s best to know these things up front. I write the books that I like to read – so if you like your love stories spiced with some travel, a little fun, a lot of friendship, the occasional daggy pop song, yummy food, and some seriously sexy men then you’ve come to the right place.

When I’m not writing or day jobbing, I love baking, reading, long walks along the beach, posting way too many photos of sunrises on Instagram and dreaming of the next destination and the next story. I also dabble (when I have the time) in a little astrology of the make-the-most-of-your-possibilities variety. I love possibilities. If you’re interested, you’ll find my astrology at http://jotracey.com.au

My life goals (apart from being a world-famous author) are to be an extra on Midsomer Murders (perhaps a dog walker in Badger’s Drift), to appear on Desert Island Discs, and to cook my way through Nigella’s books – yes, all of them. I did briefly consider adding a minimalist live off the land somewhere in The Cotswolds to that list but realised that would only be fun until the wine ran out. Mostly though, I want to encourage others to write their stories.

You can find links to all my novels here.

30 seconds with Jo

Coffee or tea: Tea, English breakfast, no milk, no sugar

Favourite tipple: wine, especially proper champagne, but I’m also a sucker for a good peaty whisky…neat.

Favourite food: Mooloolaba prawns…or maybe dumplings

Favourite cuisine: Anything South-East Asian. As long as it has chilli, garlic and ginger I’m a happy girl.

Signature recipe: My Lemon Drizzle Cake or my Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding.

Favourite destination: Please don’t ask me this! It would have to be New Zealand…or maybe France…but I do love Bali and I have so much more I want to see in Britain.

Last holiday: Christmas in England 2019

Next holiday: Borders permitting, we’re planning to head back to the UK late in 2021

Where do you next want to set a novel?: There are more stories planned for Queenstown and the Brookford characters, but I also have an idea for something set in Scotland to do with a whisky distillery and something else set in Burgundy, France.

Mantra or favourite saying: Imagine…

14 thoughts

  1. After reading your short eulogy on Leanne’s blog, I just HAD to come and visit you. You made me laugh out loud because that was exactly how I would want to be remembered! 🙂

  2. I found you this morning through Amanda at SomethingToPonderAbout (forestwoodfolkart). I was taken by your description: “author, baker, sunrise chaser”. I was taken by the first 2 but the 3rd hooked me! I also love the way you eat, drink & travel …

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