There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them… We’ve been in Canberra earlier this week for our friend’s funeral – I spoke about that in my wrap-up of last week. My husband has known R since about 1973. She… Read More

So anyways, it’s Friday again. There’s a light show of epic proportions going on outside, and I’ve spent the last few hours procrastibaking and dancing around the house listening to Abba. Yep, it’s been that sort of week. Given that my mother… Read More

So anyways, Mr T has been at home the last couple of weeks on leave. He’s been pottering around the house a bit, chauffeuring Miss T to and from school, preparing some yummy meals to come home to, and catching up on… Read More

So good they named it twice? I declared on Facebook that I thought Hotel Hotel could just be the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. A big call? Possibly. It’s not the poshest. It’s not in Melbourne. It’s not a drop out… Read More

A new look at old Canberra If you tell most Sydney-siders that you’re visiting Canberra, you’ll hear a resounding ‘why?’ After all, nothing happens there, right? If you tell most Melbournians that you’re visiting Canberra and you’ll also hear the same ‘why?’… Read More

I moved to Canberra, willingly, in 1988. I say willingly, because the most common response one gets when one talks about moving to Canberra is “why”? Generally speaking people only willingly move to Canberra if they want to work for the Australian… Read More

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