As this goes to press, I’ll have been in Thailand for a few days, but I can’t finish the week without wrapping up our 6 days in Hoi An. This fabulous little town is quite easily one of the prettiest places I’ve… Read More

Everyone says Vietnam is fabulous for food – and by goodness, everyone is right. It is. Here’s my pick of the dishes you must try. Pho This is possibly Vietnam’s national dish – it’s also one that’s guaranteed to make you feel… Read More

Thongs, jandals, flip-flops – whatever you call them, they’re not great footwear for practising tai-chi on the top deck of a boat. It’s just after 6am, and the air is cool and misty in Halong Bay. Four of us have gathered on… Read More

  It’s no secret that I like to travel. Regular readers of this blog will also be aware that I like to cook. Put the two together and I’m a tad partial to doing the odd foodie thing when on holidays. And… Read More

So anyways, we’re on holiday in Vietnam. We started our Vietnamese experience in Hanoi – a thoroughly charming city, and an absolute assault on the senses. Where we stayed… Hotel De L’Opera – at the edge of the Old Quarter and a… Read More

Yes, you read the title right – Egg Coffee. It really is a thing – and it’s a must try thing when you’re in Hanoi. And the place we had it is where it all began – Café Giang. Hanoi likes its… Read More

It’s Friday, and that means wrapping up the week that was. Given that it was a week full of unpacking, sorting, mopping up, and working, we might just leave it at that. Instead, I’ll wrap our first day in Hanoi…well, the part… Read More

In a couple of hours I’ll be on my way to Sunshine Coast airport to be on my to Sydney to be on my way to Vietnam. And no, you haven’t missed anything – it has been less than a week since… Read More

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