It’s a wrap – Hanoi, Day 1

It’s Friday, and that means wrapping up the week that was.

Given that it was a week full of unpacking, sorting, mopping up, and working, we might just leave it at that.

Instead, I’ll wrap our first day in Hanoi…well, the part we’ve already done, that is.

What I couldn’t believe…

This mostly empty flight from Bangkok to Hanoi last night. Pick a seat, any seat.

What surprised me…

The height of this bed. Once you climb in (and you do have to climb), it’s a long way down…but seriously like I imagine sleeping on a cloud would be – if it was possible to sleep on a cloud.

What I tried…

This weirdly named (and weirdly tasted) egg coffee. I’ll tell you more about in a separate post, but it is what it says it is – coffee, egg, sugar, condensed milk.

What I loved…

How the street name in the Old Quarter of Hanoi tells you what’s for sale in that street. For example, Hang Tiec is a street selling aluminium and metal stuff for restaurants and cooking.

Hang Dau is a street selling shoes and Hang Bac (I love that one) is full of jewellery stores..

What was disappointing…

The street that sells only chicken and barbecue chicken is only open at night. Ly Van Phuc. Yep.

What we had for lunch instead..

Bun Bo Nam Bo. Try saying it over and over again. It’s beef noodle salad and the name of the shop says it all. 80,000dong for a fabulous noodle salad and a beer – that’s about $4.60.

Ok, that’s it for me – off to do a foodie walking tour this evening…



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  1. Lived in Hanoi for a couple of years in the mid-1990s. Last visited in 2008. Still a charming city, and the food is amazing.
    PS If you want a quiet moment, head to the Temple of Literature – from memory, the oldest university in the modern world.

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