I’m a bit of a sucker for a Taoist temple…and one with red lanterns, a dragon or two and some carvings? I’m there. Some chanting and a fountain? I’m your girl. Anyways, my favourites from last week- in no order of preference…oh,… Read More

Once upon a time, in a village high in the mountains in North East Taiwan, with the sea far below, lived nine families. These families were very happy, but they all had one problem in common- it was such a long way… Read More

You all know the story of a man named Jed? A poor mountain man who barely kept his family fed? Then one day when shooting for some food, up from the ground flowed some bubbling crude…oil, that is… You know it? Today’s… Read More

So anyways, I’ve been wandering around this city for five days now and have to say I’ve fallen more than a little in love. I understand very little, I’m doing a lot of pointing, I’ve melted in the mid summer heat and… Read More

There’s two food carts that set up each morning outside the hotel I’m staying in. they’re only there for the breakfast commuter trade. One sells pan fried pork buns, filled with luscious pork juiciness, the other sells green shallot pastries. The other… Read More

It’s completely silent. Well, except for the sound of cicadas drifting up from the valley floor, and except for the sound of the wind whistling through the half open ventilation windows. Beneath my feet, a long way beneath my feet, is the… Read More

So I’m in Taiwan. Taipei, to be exact. My first impressions? It’s stupendously hot, it’s humid, it’s busy, it’s fragrant…I think I’m falling a little in love- already. The hotel I’m in is lush. Les Suites, Ching Cheng. It’s located right next… Read More