This post will also appear on my author page. Late in 2015, we spent seven weeks road-tripping around the UK. By the end of November, we’d landed at a cottage on a farm just out of Chalford near Stroud in The… Read More

Working from home. It’s the dream, right? You lie in bed until five minutes before you’re due to log into work and then spend your day in your pyjamas. Better yet, you spend the day in bed. That’s how it’s supposed to… Read More

With the end of the year less than 2 weeks away it’s time to start the yearly round-up posts. Today it’s my year in reading. As a side note, I’ve also published this post to my author page. How many books did… Read More

My latest novel – Happy Ever After – is out now. Do you only get one chance at a happy ever after? Kate and Neil met at a protest march in Sydney in August 1985 – Kate was marching, Neil wasn’t. It was love… Read More

These days I work completely from home. I’m either: Remotely working back to Sydney. On a good week this is about 15 hours spread across 3 days. On a normal week it’s about 17 hours spread across 4. Given, though, that I’m… Read More

With very little fanfare and more than the usual amount of release day nerves, Wish You Were Here is now out and available on Amazon. To celebrate the release, it’s available for $2.99USD (I think that converts to $3.99AUD) for a short… Read More

I took the executives of my publishing empire on an offsite last weekend. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration- it’s not a publishing empire just yet and my business partner and creative director (Kali the wonder spaniel) had to hold the fort in… Read More

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the current re-write for Wish You Were Here. All going well it will be done next weekend and off to Nicola at ebookedit for copy editing at the end of the month. Yes, we’re nearly… Read More

‘Yesterday is another country, Mr Barnaby. Borders are now closed.’ Where am I going with this? Who knows…but it’s a line I heard on a recent episode of Midsomer Murders…not that it was a recent episode- it was from Season 9- but… Read More

It’s been a while since I updated you with the progress of the novel formerly known as Finding John Smith…so here goes. The title has been revised, revised again, and finally decided. I’m pleased to announce that the novel formerly known as… Read More

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