ignore the crooked horizon & focus instead on the colours #nofilter

Mollymook: the beach walk…

With just four weeks to go until Milford, I’m grabbing every opportunity I can to walk- especially on weekends. I mightn’t get off-road every weekend, or climb hills, but every bit counts…right? Being away this weekend I did the 6km round trip along the beach from Bannisters- to […]


And, that’s a wrap…

I’ve just got home from a fabulous weekend in Mollymook. I’ve already popped a couple of posts up this weekend as part of my blogging every day challenge thingie­ – but there are still some more to come… We splurged a bit (seeing as how it’s an early […]

Mollymook Beach sparkling in the morning sun.

How I knew I’d Grown Up…

‘Remember that time you challenged David to a swimming race in the sea pool,’ hubby asked as we walked along the breakwater. ‘I’m sure it would have been the other way around,’ I said, not at all convinced that it was. ‘I do remember we’d been watching the […]


Mollymook: The Road Trip…

In the early days of our relationship, Mr T and I spent a lot of weekends in Mollymook. Being on the South Coast, about 2 hours from Canberra (where we were living), we’d pile into the car on a Friday night after work and get down in time […]


Night Noodle Markets…

It’s Good Food Month here in Sydney. Aside from other events happening around town, the Night Noodle Markets are on. You’d think that loving Asian food and street food as much as we do, we would have been to this every year…not so. It always just seemed so…hard. […]


30 in 30…

I have a milestone birthday coming up in exactly 150 days. Yep, exactly. And before anyone tells me that 50 is the new 40; how I’ll be wiser not older; how it’s not the years, but the mileage (that one’s from Indiana Jones)…I get that, I respect that, […]

Fagan Park

And, that’s a wrap…

I’ve just finished scheduling posts on the astro site out to the end of October- including a couple advertising astro diaries I contributed to for 2017. When did that happen? Then I sat down and looked at my diary for the rest of the year. Not a great […]


Windsor Rd: The Walk

  A few years ago, on a weekend trip to Wellington, my friend and I declared- after imbibing in a bottle of NZ courage- that we’d enter the Blackmore’s Bridge Run and learn to, well, run. Her husband was entered in the marathon on the same day and it […]


And, that’s a wrap…

It’s a sunny Sunday morning here in Sydney. The clocks flicked forward last night for daylight savings, and it’s a long weekend. We were supposed to do a run down to Canberra today, but changed plans on Friday. Instead, I’m about to go to a local park for […]


Lake Parramatta Walking Tracks…

Regular readers will know that I’m booked to do Milford Track in 7 weeks time…7 weeks tomorrow to be exact. Finding the time to train effectively with my schedule has been difficult, but I’m trying to pack as much into the weekends as I can. The biggest challenge […]