Craig’s Hut, Mt Stirling

My brother is a Man From Snowy River tragic. Don’t tell him I said so, but I think he thinks he could be the man from Snowy River except for the fact that he doesn’t really like horses. Oooops. That doesn’t stop him making us all watch the movie […]

Early morning in Mansfield

It’s a wrap: November…

It’s December. That means Christmas in 25 days. This time last year we were almost half way through our 7 week tour of England and Scotland, and thoroughly enjoying all that the northern hemisphere does so well in the lead-up to Christmas. It was something I’ll never forget, […]


The Bucket List Update

I’m taking a break from the Queenstown posts to link up with Denyse Whelan today about birthdays. I’ve mentioned before that I have a big one just around the corner. Yep, it begins with 5. I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near as old as my birth certificate […]

Peonies at Lake Dunstan, Old Cromwell

A Remarkable Drop (or two…)

As well as thrills and spills, the Queenstown area is also known for its drops – the wines of Central Otago. Originally a gold-mining region, these days the land provides for some mighty fine liquid riches – pinot noir, I’m looking at you. On Saturday the Queenstown Marathon […]


Milford Day 5: Milford Sound

Friday 18 November, St Moritz Hotel Queenstown It’s over. We’re back in Queenstown, hubby is here, and my hands are covered in sandfly bites from yesterday at Sandfly Point. And, before you ask, I know how lethal these little buggers can be, so had lathered all exposed parts […]

View from the loo

Milford Track: Day 3 Quintin Lodge

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 15km (9 miles) a world of pain. I’m broken. In pieces on the floor broken. Like in the Natalie Imbruglia song broken. I can’t walk another step. Plus my big toes both hurt – I suspect I’ll be losing both of those toenails, and […]


Milford Track: Day 2, Pompolona Lodge

Tuesday 15, November, 2016. Pompolona Lodge 16kms (10 miles) The rain poured down hard last night – so loudly that it made it tough to sleep. This morning there were glimpses of blue in the sky and the most beautiful birdsong you ever did hear. And waterfalls. Everywhere there […]


Milford Track: Day 1 Glade House

  The following is an extract from my journal… Monday, November 14, 2016 Glade House Well, we started Milford Track today. Not that there was a lot of walking that took place- just under 15,000 steps and 31 floors for the day (according to my fitbit), but what […]


Remarkable Thrills

One thing Queenstown does particularly well is the tourism thing. Sure, she could rest on her laurels and be happy with the popularity of the ski season, but these days there’s very little difference between hotel occupancy rates in the height of summer and winter. Queenstown isn’t known […]