The Velo Project, Mooloolaba

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going out for breakfast I want something a little, well, different to what I’d get at home – and I say that acknowledging that my husband makes a flipping good brekky and an even better avo smash. I don’t want […]


That’s a Wrap: January 21, 2017

As I write this I’m watching some blooms of smoke from the balcony of the unit we’re in at Coolum Beach. The smell of smoke is filtering through the apartment. We’re up here to look at real estate that we might want to live in, but have not […]


Dream Destinations…

You know those times where you open the fridge door and stare aimlessly inside – hoping that by some miracle something interesting has found its way in there since the last time you stood in front of the open fridge and stared aimlessly inside looking for something interesting. […]

Mooloolaba Beach at sunrise

Sunshine Coasting…

On Monday I posted a bit of an ode to the city I live in…a farewell, of sorts. I had a lot of people asking if I was feeling nostalgic or sad about leaving and to be honest, while there’s absolutely a little of both, there’s also a […]


The Sydney Quiz…

I was flicking through old blog posts the other day looking for inspiration and found this one I’d originally written after Angela Savage posted a (melbourne) quiz on her blog. It was a sort of a homage to the quiz that appeared in the glossy mag that used […]


That’s a Wrap: January 7, 2017

  That’s the first week of 2017 done and dusted. Just. Like. That. As a week it was quite unremarkable, and I’ve had to really stretch my mind to come up with something even halfway interesting – let alone a few somethings halfway interesting. As for decent pics? […]

Little child carrying a suitcase

2017: The Word

Unless you’re new to this blog or have been living under a rock, we’re moving to the Sunshine Coast this year. It’s a mega sea-change that’s exciting and scary all at the same time. How to find a word for 2017 that encapsulates all of that? I applied […]

2017 goals word abstract on napkin

2017: The Resolutions

I’m partial to a new start, and of all the new starts, a new year is the biggest. It’s oh so shiny and clean. And full of possibility – which, just saying, is possibly (get it?) my favourite word in life. It’s why, even though I declare with […]


That’s a Wrap…

  Firstly…happy new year! It’s felt, over the last week, as though I’m the only one in Sydney not on holidays. I know that’s not true, but that’s how it’s felt. Oh, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either – in fact, it’s a bit of the […]