And we come to the final stage of our NZ road-trip – Martinborough in the Wairarapa region in the south of the North Island – to the north and east of Wellington…does that even make sense? In any case, it’s a part of… Read More

Okay, I need to talk about Taupo, but it’s been a long day in the day job and I still need to write 2000 words to stay on track for my end of the first draft deadline for Christmas at Curlew Cottage…. Read More

Okay, I’ll be really honest here, I’ve never been that keen on the landscape around Rotorua – or Roto-Vegas as it’s also known. It doesn’t have the rolling green hills and pastoral gorgeousness of other parts of the island or the drop-dead… Read More

It’s the morning after the night before as I begin drafting this week’s wrap-up post – and what a week it was…(and what a night before it was). The night before was a joint celebration in honour of a 60th birthday (not… Read More

Regular readers know how much I love New Zealand. I’ve travelled here often and am convinced that working for the NZ Tourist Promotion whatsit would be the job I’d love to do more than any other – except perhaps the be an… Read More

  Ok, I was going to do another Nigella Diaries update today – tell you all about basil oil and pesto rice salad, but my daughter, Sarah, is in Queenstown at the moment having a fabulous time and I’m just a wee… Read More

I love Queenstown. Absolutely adore it. It’s why Happy Ever After is the 2nd of my books to feature it as a location – Wish You Were Here was the first. Anyways, these are some of the locations in Queenstown and surrounds… Read More

I’ve posted about Queenstown’s food scene before – here and here. But that was then and this is now – so we’re due an update. Fergburger is still a ‘thing’. The queues are there all day, and on a fine evening, hordes… Read More

As well as thrills and spills, the Queenstown area is also known for its drops – the wines of Central Otago. Originally a gold-mining region, these days the land provides for some mighty fine liquid riches – pinot noir, I’m looking at… Read More

Friday 18 November, St Moritz Hotel Queenstown It’s over. We’re back in Queenstown, hubby is here, and my hands are covered in sandfly bites from yesterday at Sandfly Point. And, before you ask, I know how lethal these little buggers can be,… Read More

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