Milford Track

For #treesquare today we’re in New Zealand and tramping (hiking) the Milford Track.

For those of you who’ve read Happy Ever After, you’ll know that that novel was partly set on track and Kate’s experience of that walk was based heavily on my own experience in November 2016, which was when these photos were taken.

It rained so heavily for most of the tramp that at times it seemed as though the trees and the mountains were crying, and waterfalls were springing from every surface.

I was under-prepared – both emotionally and physically – and to say I found it tough would be an understatement.

I blogged my journey day by day here.

I’m linking up with Becky this month for her tree squares challenge where we post photos of trees, any trees, in square format. You’ll find Becky’s most recent post here. Oh, and given that I’m pretty much posting daily and you’ll probably get bored with pictures of trees in square formats, feel free to skim on by – I won’t be offended.


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    1. I know, right? I’m supposed to be there in October (Queenstown) but the travel bubble has closed again. Sigh.

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