Thursday, November 17, 2016. Mitre Peak Lodge. 21kms walked. Ok, this is going to sound really gross, so look away now if you have an issue with feet, but when I slid into bed tonight,  I knocked my big toenail and now… Read More

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 15km (9 miles) a world of pain. I’m broken. In pieces on the floor broken. Like in the Natalie Imbruglia song broken. I can’t walk another step. Plus my big toes both hurt – I suspect I’ll be… Read More

Tuesday 15, November, 2016. Pompolona Lodge 16kms (10 miles) The rain poured down hard last night – so loudly that it made it tough to sleep. This morning there were glimpses of blue in the sky and the most beautiful birdsong you ever… Read More

  The following is an extract from my journal… Monday, November 14, 2016 Glade House Well, we started Milford Track today. Not that there was a lot of walking that took place- just under 15,000 steps and 31 floors for the day… Read More

One thing Queenstown does particularly well is the tourism thing. Sure, she could rest on her laurels and be happy with the popularity of the ski season, but these days there’s very little difference between hotel occupancy rates in the height of… Read More

So I’m back in Queenstown after finishing the Milford Track. It’s probably fair to say I’m still feeling broken- emotionally as well as physically. How was it? To be honest, I haven’t fully processed it. It was the single hardest thing I’ve ever… Read More

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking something like: Jo is in Queenstown so there’ll be some great location shots and some fabulous photos of remarkable places to eat. You’ll also be thinking that I’ll be using the word remarkable a lot…. Read More

As this post goes to press I’ll be on my way to the airport for a flight to Queenstown. I have the weekend in this fabulous city and then on Monday we tackle the Milford Track. I’ve been to Milford Sound a… Read More

So anyways, I didn’t wrap last week up properly and, given that I’m now on holidays for the next week and a bit and off to Queenstown tomorrow, here’s a special wrap-up of the week that was…with absolutely no mention of the… Read More

I spent last weekend in Wellington, New Zealand, visiting with a close girlfriend. It was exactly what I needed. I also, for the first time in months and months, did not type a word. No blogs, no manuscripts, no emails, no notes…nothing…. Read More