Li Chun. It’s a day in the Chinese calendar traditionally significant for farmers looking for a bountiful harvest. It’s the first day of Spring in the Chinese calendar. The deal is on that day you don’t withdraw money (after a lot of… Read More

I came across this piece of work under a bridge on my morning walk in Nelson.   Aside from the colour, the title of the piece See the Past To Look to the Future… resonated with me.. as did the words in the… Read More

So anyways, I can’t complete a series of posts on a city without including some street art…  

Why stay here? The Art It’s called an Art Hotel for a reason….It starts outside… continues in the lobby… and is in every other nook and cranny… It’s  everywhere… The Lobby I like a lobby with a little glitz and glamour, but… Read More

Forget the shops. On a sunny Spring Sunday (don’t try and say that too many times in a row) in Wellington, the only place to be is by the water. Here’s why: Wellington Writers Walk There are 23 quotes to find…here are… Read More

Good morning from Wellington…. Ok, it’s actually good morning from Sydney, but these are a few shots from a good morning in Wellington walk along the harbour front just a week or so ago.  

Today, it’s all about the views… The view at brekky… Breakfast was at River Kitchen. In case the name isn’t a giveaway, it’s on the river. I had eggs benedict and wrote in my journal. And afterwards, a walk along the river… Read More

The first leg of our mini road trip is Wellington to Nelson. We’ll be doing the Wellington-Picton leg by sea, and Picton to Wellington by way of little red rental- and my friend’s driving. The Crossing. I’ve pushed myself hard into the… Read More

The waters of Te Waikoropüpü represent the lifeblood of Papatüänuku (Earth Mother) and the tears of Ranginui (Sky Father). The spiritual and physical survival of all things is dependant on the maintenance of the mauri (life force), wairua (spirit), mana (power) and tapu… Read More

Excuse me a moment while I indulge in a memorable oyster moment. In front of me are six of the plumpest, creamiest, tasting of the sea-iest oysters I’ve had since a Bluff Oyster moment in Queenstown. In fact, these ones could possible… Read More