Milford Day 5: Milford Sound


Friday 18 November, St Moritz Hotel Queenstown

It’s over. We’re back in Queenstown, hubby is here, and my hands are covered in sandfly bites from yesterday at Sandfly Point. And, before you ask, I know how lethal these little buggers can be, so had lathered all exposed parts with repellent. Sadly, I forgot to redo my hands after washing them when I used the bathroom.

Mitre Peak Lodge
Mitre Peak Lodge

Today opened with sunshine and the same fabulous view as last night. A cruise ship was in and looked tiny against the peaks.


We boarded a boat for a 90min cruise of Milford Sound – which isn’t actually a sound, but rather a fjord, on account of it being ice-carved. Technicalities over the name waved aside, this is a truly magnificent place. This was my 3rd (or was it 4th time?) on the Sound, and it felt as though I was seeing it for the first.

Following the cruise was the 4 hour bus trip back to Queenstown – broken by a stop at Te Anau and the sound of everyone’s cellphones springing into action as we once again connected with the outside world.

Anyways, enough of my words, settle back and I’ll show you some pics of Milford Sound. It is indeed a wondrous view…



Stirling Falls
Stirling Falls
Stirling Falls...from a tad closer...
Stirling Falls…from a tad closer…
The road home: Heading up to Homer Tunnel
The road home: Heading up to Homer Tunnel


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  1. I think I’ve mentioned I attempted to visit Milford Sound on my one visit to NZ but the weather was bad so we alighted the bus and went inside a visitor’s centre and then got back on it and headed back to Queenstown.

    I’m heading to NZ (Christchurch) to see my bestie in December for 4-5 days and she was looking at an overnight trip somewhere, but with everything that’s been happening she’s decided we’ll just do day trips. It’s mostly about seeing her so I’m not worried.

    I must ask you re phone / internet access stuff though.

    1. There are so many great day trips to do by road from Christchurch – I can’t wait to hear about it. Re phone & internet, I’m with vodafone so my plan allows me to use my normal data allowance over there. It’s way too easy.

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