Big Girls Don’t Cry

Theirs was a love that had survived the years – and the odds.

Brad and Abby were always meant to be together. Best friends in childhood, they fell immediately in love when they found each other again many years later. Yet when Brad proposes, Abby says no. She is distraught when, soon after, Brad leaves Melbourne – and her.

What’s holding Abby back from being with Brad? All she knows is that it has something to do with what happened to her father in Bali nearly twenty-five years ago. But when Abby goes searching for answers, she finds out much more than she bargained for. 

If Abby and Brad are going to get a second chance at first love, Abby will need to discover the truth behind lies that have protected secrets that have been kept for many years. 

Funny and poignant, Big Girls Don’t Cry is a story about families, about the lies people tell to protect themselves and those they love, and about how dealing with yesterday can help you find love in tomorrow.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is available now on most digital platforms, Borrowbox and in print from your favourite online retailer.