H is for….Hong Kong… Seriously? Yep, as one of my favourite cities, Hong Kong deserves its own post. Given that I’m an astrologer, it probably should stand for horoscope, but you know what? I write enough about that over on the astro… Read More

good wishing…

Three years ago I made a wish. It was Good Friday, 2010. It was in Hong Kong, I was there for work- project managing an office move. We had four days to finish the premises, move a couple of tons of cheque… Read More

My favourite photo ever taken? That’s todays #photoaday theme. Impossible. Up until a few years ago I fancied myself as seriously serious about my photography, so persisted with a manual SLR and a fridge full of seriously expensive slide film. There would… Read More

After the skyline photoaday I got to looking at some of the skylines I have in my photo library. So I figured I would post some. Firstly, Hong Kong. from a cable car from a cable car high above the airport from… Read More

this is what dreams are made of

Good Friday last year I was in New Zealand. The year before that it was Hong Kong. This year I’m at home in Sydney. The sun is shining, there is nothing on the road, and very little to do bar catch up… Read More

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