Hong Kong…

Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen Harbour

H is for….Hong Kong…


Yep, as one of my favourite cities, Hong Kong deserves its own post.

Given that I’m an astrologer, it probably should stand for horoscope, but you know what? I write enough about that over on the astro site. So Hong Kong it is.

I first went to Hong Kong accidentally.

I was approached by my boss on a Friday afternoon in early April 2008 and asked if I could fly out there on Monday to help out with something.

Could I what?

That week I had a deadline due for a Wellbeing Astrology article, I had essays due for the FAA Astrology Interpretation exam I was sitting, and our kitchen was getting ripped out that week so needed to be emptied out over the weekend.

I recall pulling out a suitcase to pack just as my boss called to let me know he was leaving his house to pick me up- he lived just 20 minutes away.

That night we arrived late, caught the airport train into the city, and then wandered the streets close to midnight. I was entranced.

compIMGP3013 copy

Over the next couple of years, I project managed a few office relocations over there, so travelled over another few times- sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a week, once for two weeks over the Easter break.

I didn’t waste a minute- exploring the city in my worming walks before work, and late at night after the day was done.

a local temple in Stanley
a local temple in Stanley

Where possible, I added a day on here and there, and did some exploring- walking the city, cruising around on the double decker trams,

comp202 copy

salivating over the window displays in shops where I’d not only never be able to afford the contents, but would never fit into the clothes, or have anywhere to wear the shoes.

I caught a bus down to Stanley,

the pier at Stanley
the pier at Stanley

a ferry to Macau,

inside the Venetian casino, Macau
inside the Venetian casino, Macau

and the tram up to Victoria Peak.

compIMGP3107 copy

I watched the nightly laser show both from my harbour-view hotel room, and from the star ferry. I hired a bumboat in Aberdeen, and followed the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.

early morning from my hotel room
early morning from my hotel room

I visited temples,


made wishes, shook fortune sticks,


and had my future told by a wizened old man outside the Jade market in Kowloon. Apparently I’ll be rich and famous with my pen (still waiting) and cry over a man. No kidding?

I saw a Panda,

Panda compressed

and had my thong chewed by an escalator…not on the same day…


I explored the Ladies Market,

comp058 copy

the goldfish market,


the flower market,

comp036 copy

the bird market,

comp053 copy

the jade market, the antiques market along Hollywood,

comp227 copy

fresh food markets, and a fish market at Tai O where people still live in stilted houses.

compMGP2902 copy

I visited the world’s tallest seated bronze Buddha,

compIMGP2947 copy

rode the spectacular Ngong Ping 360 cable car,

compIMGP2994 copy

and watched the waves one the white sands of Cheung Sha beach.

compIMGP2878 copy

I was there in a typhoon, in stinking hot summer weather when you feel the air and the pollution stick to every pore of your body, and also on clear, cold December days when it feels as though you can see forever.

compIMGP3109 copy

I ate dumplings…everywhere…some amazing Cantonese food, claypot and hainanese chicken in street markets, vegetarian food at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island,

IMGP2978 copy

Portuguese tarts and jerky in Macau,

Macau comp2

and watched a master carve an entire BBQ pig into a feast for a hungry office party in what seemed like a few short minutes.

Hong Kong- it’s more than just a shopping stopover.

compIMGP2853 copy

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  1. Your flipflop incident is scary. Thank goodness your toes are alright.
    I loved Hong Kong too the last time I was there. THE FOOD!
    PS Being an astrologer sounds amazing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Yep, the flip flop incident was concerning- especially since it happened at the airport waiting for my flight home & I boarded the plane looking like that. Hmmm. Just how amazing is the food? And yes…being an astrologer is great. The link to my astro page is on the website if you’re interested…

  2. I’ve never been to Hong Kong and assumed it wasn’t for me… bit like Singapore etc, but I love the exploring you do and that you get off the beaten track! It looks like an interesting cultural mix!

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