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new york municipal buildings… feb 2010

My favourite photo ever taken? That’s todays #photoaday theme.


Up until a few years ago I fancied myself as seriously serious about my photography, so persisted with a manual SLR and a fridge full of seriously expensive slide film. There would be speeds from my favourite ISO50 all the way through to a roll of ISO1600 for those low light situations.

I had black and white film and even a spool of infra red to experiment with. All of which were seriously expensive to develop and even more seriously expensive to print.

But I took some seriously good shots- none of which I can pop on here.

Now I run a digital SLR (a NikonD90)…and an iphone… So, I’m changing todays theme to “my favourite photos of the last couple of years”… and here they are- some of my faves. Oh, and the photo on the masthead of this site was taken at Lake Tekapo in New Zealand in April 2011.

macau, april 2010
lake tekapo, new zealand, April 2011
lindiis pass, new zealand, april 2011
tirta gangga, bali, may 2012

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