Baby, It’s You

A vintage coat, a hot new co-worker and a stranger’s bucket list – what could possibly go wrong?

Emily Porter likes lists: daily to-do lists, shopping lists, playlists, reasons to dump her boyfriend lists, reasons to stay with her boyfriend lists.
The one list Em doesn’t have is a bucket list. She doesn’t need one –her life is predictable and safe. Her job is satisfactory, and even though she has a thing about men who wind up back with the woman they were rebounding from – after Em has fixed them up, that is – her love life is also as expected. Besides, her best friends – Susie Turner and Josh Booth – will always be there to see her through her dating disasters.

No drama, no fuss, no surprises – which is exactly the way Em likes it.

But when Em finds a stranger’s bucket list in the pocket of a vintage coat and begins to use it to renovate her home – and her life – everything gets turned upside down. 

As if dealing with paint-brushes, flat-pack furniture and power tools isn’t scary enough, Em has to contend with Jamie, the hot new co-worker who has made it clear he wants to be more than her colleague. In the meantime, Booth is acting strangely and Suse has a secret that could threaten everything…

Baby, It’s You is available now on Amazon. Aussie readers can buy it here….US readers can buy it here