Okay, I need to talk about Taupo, but it’s been a long day in the day job and I still need to write 2000 words to stay on track for my end of the first draft deadline for Christmas at Curlew Cottage. Instead of plenty of words, it will be mostly pictures. Is that okay with you? Besides, we were only in Taupo overnight on our mini NZ North Island road trip, so just how much can you say?

Taupo is just 81kms – or an hours drive – down the road from Rotorua, but it’s a very different town indeed. For a start, the light is so much better here. It’s also more geared to outdoor activities and adventure sports – from tramping to cycling to watersports and, with Mt Ruapehu not far down the road, winter sports. Taupo is famous for its marathon, IRONMAN New Zealand triathlon and the Iron Maori duathlons and triathlon, the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, Taniwha Mountain Bike and Trail Run and the Great Lake Relay.

And if you think that you’re missing out of geo-thermal tourism here? Not a chance – there’s some of that too.

Huka Falls

An absolute must-visit – and Huka Jet is an absolute must-do. I had, however, done it on a previous trip so this time just admired the majesty of the falls. And yes, the water really is that colour – no filters used.

If you look really carefully at the picture on the left above, there’s a little patch of water in the top right-hand corner of the photo. This is Huka Lodge and it’s been on my bucket list of places I really want to stay and eat at. I do have friends who have done it, but it’s way past a point that we can justify. When (notice I didn’t say “if”) I make real money from my writing I’ll be booking in there…and Blanket Bay at Glenorchy #justsaying.

The Lake

We went for a long walk around the lake and found a lovely cafe for lunch at The Wholesome Kitchen.

I took photos of these two lake-side cottages – or baches as they’re known here – in case I ever feel like using them in a book. #asyoudo

And, because it was so hot and we were staying across the road from the lake, I went for a lovely long swim and a float. You’d expect that for such a large body the water it would be cold, but the temp, around 20C, was perfect. There were the occasional little pockets of thermal warmth too. Just beautiful.

Where we stayed…

At Sail On The Lake. Right across the road from the lake, this place had a little kitchenette, friendly owners, and was handy to everything. #jobdone

Random Street Art


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  1. Hi, Jo – Thank you for sharing Taupo with us, despite having had a long work day, and needing to stay on track with your upcoming novel. I am always impressed by how much you accomplish in one day. Are your 24 hours longer than mine? 🙂

    1. I am so far behind Donna! Massively…At the moment those balls are still in the air but threatening to fall one by one!

    1. There are heaps of lakes – & they’re big ones. Most of them have been formed as a result of volcanic action. If you think this water looks amazing wait until you go to the South Island and see some of the glacial fed lakes like Tekapo and the ones around Mount Cook. Just incredible.

  2. I enjoy living on the ocean but think I’d like living on a lake just as much. I don’t tend to think of Australia has having many lakes, though we must. (Or perhaps they’re often dry!?)

  3. It’s a hard pass for me on the extreme sports but I could definitely be tempted into the water. And the colour is amazing!

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