On the whole 2018 has been, relatively speaking, good to us and – after the stress of 2015, 2016 and the first half of 2017 – that was a huge relief. I continued to work my day job and we think hubby… Read More

With the end of the year less than 2 weeks away it’s time to start the yearly round-up posts. Today it’s my year in reading. As a side note, I’ve also published this post to my author page. How many books did… Read More

Okay, so November was a mix of emotions – some high, some low. It was also the usual mix of work and play, so without further ado, let’s wrap it up… November in photos… My photo a day…plus some… for each of… Read More

Ok, I give up – what happened to September? Surely it’s not over already? The highlights for the month? Sunshine and whales – not necessarily in that order. The southern migration of whales brought them closer to shore than they came for… Read More

I’m quite enjoying this way of reviewing the month. It’s one sentence (ok, sometimes 2) a day. Supremely doable. Thanks again to Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After for the link-up. Anyways, here’s my month… 1.Cruise ship in just off the… Read More

I wasn’t going to do one of these this month, but given that I haven’t done a wrap-up for the week, and because Jetstar have just delayed my flight home by 2 hours, I’m joining in…of sorts… Marvelling – at how much… Read More

Making: sure that I put the right colour bins out on Thursday night. Cooking: for myself. Hubby and daughter have already moved north. Drinking: way too much alcohol. Still. I’m loving all of these farewell thingies. Reading: Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment… Read More

I’m a little late to the Taking Stock party. Created by Pip Lincoln over at Meet Me At Mikes, it’s a way of slowing down once a month and, well, taking stock. Similar to my wrap posts, but different at the same… Read More

Unless you’re new to this blog or have been living under a rock, we’re moving to the Sunshine Coast this year. It’s a mega sea-change that’s exciting and scary all at the same time. How to find a word for 2017 that… Read More

I’m partial to a new start, and of all the new starts, a new year is the biggest. It’s oh so shiny and clean. And full of possibility – which, just saying, is possibly (get it?) my favourite word in life. It’s… Read More