May – All Wrapped Up

Queenstown Botanic Gardens

May has been like March and April with more travel. There’s been a lot of work, a little play and finally some light at the end of the exhaustion tunnel. Anyways without further ado, let’s wrap the month up…

At Work…

Regular readers would recall that I’ve been doing an additional full-time role as well as my own part-time role in the day job over the past three months and to say I’ve found it exhausting would be an understatement. It has, however, had its upside – after years of working in isolation (I work remotely – and have done for the past six or so years) I’ve gotten to know my colleagues, and that’s been a good thing.

I’ve also learnt a lot about what I’m actually capable of – and I think I needed that reminder.

On the move…


May began with Grant and me in Queenstown for a few days. While it really was just a few days, it was a lovely few days and we bookended it with a super quick overnighter to Hervey Bay to pick Adventure Spaniel up from the mini-break she’d been having with Sarah.

Brekky at Enzos, Scarness, Hervey Bay

Then it was a flight to Sydney for one night for work and a work function – a 1980s party with a Bad 80s Band…and that, by the way, isn’t me being derogatory, it’s actually their name. Everyone dressed up in their best (or worst) 80s gear and it was the most fun I’ve had at a work function in many years. Having said that, it was the first time I’d stepped into my office since the Christmas party in November 2019. I’d pop a pic up of my fabulous 80s do, but I’m with colleagues in each of them, so…well…you’ll just need to imagine it.

Sunset from my apartment

I’ve spent the past week in Sydney – also for work. While I’m writing this from an apartment across the road from the office in Chatswood, I did get to spend a couple of days with my parents last weekend and catch up with my sisters and some of their family.

at Mum and Dad’s

As this goes to virtual print tomorrow morning I’ll be at the airport waiting for a flight to Melbourne where I’m meeting Sarah for a mother-daughter weekend. It’s something we’ve done ever since she was about five – have a weekend away, just us. But I’ll tell you about that next month.

In any case, my routine is way off, but June should be more (fingers crossed) normal.

In the kitchen…

I’ve barely been home in May so there certainly hasn’t been much kitchen activity. In fact the only thing I’ve actually baked in May has been these mandarin mini-muffins…of which I baked two batches while in Hervey Bay… The recipe is here. In other news, Sarah’s oven bakes so unevenly!

Creating and colouring…

Because of work and being away I’ve only made it to one art class this month and didn’t finish what I’d started in that (we were practicing shading with single colours in gouache). Here’s hoping I have more consistency in June.

On another front, being in airports as much as I have been and in an apartment on my own for the past week, I now just have two scenes left to write in Philly Barker Is On The Case. Finally.

And something random…

This robot is one of three drifting around in Din Tai Fung delivering your dumplings to the table… Love it!

Over to you…

What’s been on your calendar this month? Perhaps you’d like to update us on your word of the year or intentions? We’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to…

The linky is below and it’s open for a week… Oh…one final thing…as I’m travelling I mightn’t get to comment on all the link-ups until I’m back…so apologies in advance for that.

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22 thoughts

  1. Hi, Jo – You’ve had an exceptionally busy month — or has that been three months? Hopefully June will be smooth and calm. Enjoy your mother-daughter weekend (and send pics)!
    BTW – A absolutely love that dumpling-wielding robot!

  2. Queenstown for a few days seems to be popular at the moment. Even more so when the winter festival is on. Melbourne for a girls weekend, bliss. I absolutely enjoy visiting that city. Have fun, Jo.

  3. That does sound like a lot of travel! But so many of these photos are so lovely and so inviting.

  4. Love the first photo so much!! Glad the writing went well. The art will follow along as time frees up. Hope you have an amazing weekend with Sarah. I feel like this is something I should try to work on my relationship with my daughter. Take care. Bernie

  5. Whew! What a busy month. Queenstown is beautiful! It’s awesome that since you work remotely, you can work from anywhere. Have a wonderful time with your daughter!


  6. I really don’t know how you manage to write blog posts and books when you are obviously so busy with work and travel commitments! Congratulations on being near the end of the next Philly Barker. I’m looking forward to catching up on her next adventure. Fabulous photos as always

  7. What a busy time- so many airports! Since retiring, nearly a year ago, I miss the travel. I love the sound of an 80s party. What fun!

  8. Hi Jo – work certainly played a big part in your month – hopefully things will ease up a bit for you in June. Glad you got away for a break and that you and Sarah have your mother/daughter weekend to look forward to.

  9. Hi Jo, It’s great catching up with you via the monthly WBOYC. I hope you had a wonderful weekend in Melbourne with Sarah and June will be less busy at work for you.

  10. Hi Jo, I’m sorry to be so late in commenting on your post!! I really feel for you with all the away from home and work stuff but you are made of awesome stuff and seem to cope with whatever is thrown at you! I’m glad the next Philly book is underway, that’s definitely a bonus of all the travel! Your weekend with Sarah sounds delightful and well deserved. Take care x

  11. Which Din Tai Fung is that? Chatswood? I want to go to a robot restuarant!! And I love the NZ pics. Sensational. The bad 80’s band mqade me laugh. That’s hilarious!! #WWandP

  12. Wow. But in a good way. I am glad you have had some connections with work colleagues and I think an apartment so close to work is an ace idea for “winding down” after and for getting to and from as well. Loved the pics from your parents’ place. Thank you for sharing a post from your blog on this week’s Wednesday’s Words and Pics Link Up. I hope to see you next week too. Take care, Denyse.

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