Okay, here we go again, my look at the 5 things that made me smile over the past week… Decluttering… I got stuck into my wardrobe during the week and did my once every six months or so clean-up of anything that… Read More

Okay, here we go – the weekly rundown or wrap up or whatever you want to call it of the things that made me smile. The weather I know that the calendar says that it’s supposed to be winter, but we’ve had… Read More

Winter has really set in here in South East Queensland – and yes, I’m aware that ugg boot weather here on the Sunshine Coast is probably very different from winter where you are. I think I’m finally on the mend in regards… Read More

Okay, it’s done. May, that is. Not that it was a bad month; far from it. It was, however, a month devoid of anything remotely resembling routine. And, while a little, okay, a lot, of chaos does my creativity good, too much… Read More

It’s been an up and down week, with most of it being spent in Sydney. The head cold that I brought back with me the last trip and which I was overjoyed hung around for just a couple of days without doing… Read More

Okay, it’s 5.30 on Monday morning and I’m at Sunshine Coast airport waiting for a flight to Sydney that boards in just 30 minutes so I’ll be making this quick this week. Oh, and this week’s post contains way too much food… Read More

  It’s been a funny old week. I’ve been in Sydney for work – I arrived home on Thursday night – so there have been very few photos on Instagram. Plus the head cold that I was sure that I wouldn’t catch… Read More

I really need to come up with a better title for this weekly post than 5 things – mainly because I rarely stick to 5 things. I’ll ponder that this week. If you’ve been playing along on Instagram you’ll know that I… Read More

As I write this it’s just after 6am in Singapore. We’re into the second week of our holidays but I’m still rising early – mainly because we walk so much during the day (and it’s so incredibly hot and humid) that we’re… Read More

Okay. it’s the end of another week, what’s brought smiles my way? I know this is titled 5 things, but who keeps count? It was another tough week in the day job, the rain came down up here on the Sunshine Coast,… Read More

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