5 things – Sunday, April 12, 2020

As I write this it’s in the evening on Easter Sunday and it’s been an all-round weird weekend so far – especially so in that it hasn’t really felt too different to how Easter weekends tend to be. We’ve eaten too many hot cross buns with too much butter (if, indeed, there is such a thing), I haven’t eaten any chocolate (yet), I’ve drunk too much wine and we’ve done a lot of not very much. In many ways, it’s been perfect.

Of course, we are, as many people are, making the best of a less than ideal situation. Anyways, in the interests of spreading cheer, here are my 5 things for the week. And yes, I did have to look a little harder than usual for my smiles, but they were there out there just waiting to be found.

1.Waterproof trainers

We got caught in the rain twice during our morning walks this week, and by caught in the rain I mean it was raining when we started walking and it steadily got worse. Our Merrell hiking trainers though stayed dry – well, they would have if it wasn’t for the rivers of rain running down into our socks. The outside was dry though. That’s a tick.

2. Grey hair

My boss is threatening to do our daily catch-ups on Teams. I’m currently two weeks past due to have my grey roots done so this isn’t a prospect that’s filling me with joy. Given that my hair is very long, very thick and very curly (and I am glad that it is) it’s almost impossible for me to do one of those do-it-yourself dye jobs at home without dyeing the rest of the house. It. Isn’t. Going. To. Happen.

I bought myself one of those mascara like pen thingies but, well, I don’t know. Then I decided that even complaining about this whole grey thing was focussing on the negative so now I’ve found myself doing instagram searches like #longgreyhair #longgreycurlyhair All the women in these pics look much better than I do and their grey is much nicer than mine is and it seems that everyone who goes grey like this needs to wear proper make-up with bold lips and brows all the time – which, given that I only wear makeup when I go out that is a problem for me. #watchthisspace

3. Meatless Monday

This Thai-style sweet potato and lentil curry was an absolute winner this week. Sarah declared that this could be a regular on the Tracey menu rotation and even Grant, who usually offers helpful suggestions such as ‘this is nice darlin, and would be great with bacon’ or ‘how nice would this be with chicken?’ actually enjoyed it.

4. Midsomer Murders Marathon

I was supposed to be writing but this happened. Enough said.

5. Baking

I was very excited to receive a new cookbook in the mail the other day – a birthday pressie from my bestie in NZ. We were supposed to be catching up next week but, well, covid19.

Anyways, I’ve already put it to use with this lemon and raspberry slice.

Also on the baking front our Saturday Kitchen Destination this week was England, so that called for a nursery-style pudding such as this Queen of Puddings. It’s a Nigella recipe (of course) and while Grant liked it, Sarah wasn’t keen on the texture of the custard so I probably won’t make it again. I have to say though, my meringue was pretty damned perfect. #justsaying

Okay, that was my week…how was yours?

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  1. Hi Jo, I was just talking with a friend today and we said the exact same thing – how are we all going to get to the hairdressers at the same time when they reopen? It’s going to be nuts!!! I’m quite pleased I’ve decided to grow my hair and also pleasantly surprised at the little grey that is popping through – so far :). Great to read your 5 things and yes I can imagine it was a bit harder than usual.

    1. As long as you all go & see my cousin Donna for your haircuts… I have a lot of grey – I’ve been going grey since I was in my early 30s – but who knows what’s under there now? (Aside from a small village, that is.)

  2. Hi, Jo – Welcome to Covid-Grey…the new shade in town!
    I also have long, thick, curly hair. Seven months ago, I quit dying my roots to discover what my natural hair colour truly is. Four months ago, I had some highlights put in, just up until where my natural hair colour had grown in. That has made this whole COVID-grey thing a bit easier for me.
    Oh, and those hair mascara wands really do work!
    Wishing you a safe and Happy Easter!

    1. I have no idea how much of my head is grey – my hairdresser said only about half, so we’ll see. My natural hair colour is almost black but I’ve been lightening the roots for so long that who knows what’s under there?

  3. Ha! I loved your thoughts on haircuts! I guess now we will get to see everyone’s REAL hair color! 🙂 That sweet potato curry looks delicious! I am going to give it a try.

    1. We certainly will! The curry was fab – give it a go. TBH I couldn’t see the point of the spicy chickpeas, next time I think we’ll just toss them in.

  4. I have a clever husband who is shaving my neck so at least one level of my short hair is looking trimmed the rest will have to wait. A minor detail. As far as going grey, I was a redhead so my hair doesn’t look a strong shade of grey 🙂

    1. Aaaah you’re one of the lucky ones. Just before the social distancing rules came into effect one of my friends came over for dinner. This woman is one of the most naturally beautiful & stylish people I know but is all laidback and quite low maintenance. Anyways, she’s going grey naturally & because she’s naturally a scandi sort of blonde it looks amazing.

      1. Grey hair has never bothered me, I earned those long ago. The cost is another factor. My hairdresser was popular before this and she has some demanding grand old ladies so I may have to get assertive when the time comes 🙂 By the way, the curry looks good. I cook quite a few vegetarian though having said that there’s a chook with our name on it to be put in the oven this afternoon.

  5. Hi Jo – I’m glad your Easter felt normal. It was the opposite for me, I think it’s the first time since home captivity started that I actually felt deprived. Our son and DIL always bring the grandgirls down for a visit over Easter and that of course went down the drain, along with our nephew’s wedding the weekend before, and our daughter and SIL’s visit in a week’s time. We’ve done plenty of video chatting, but it’s not really the same as having two littlies running around the place.
    As far as hair colour goes, I have a box in my cupboard as my back up plan, but I don’t have a lot of grey so I’m hoping the outgrowth won’t be too awful (just dull!) time will tell. I think I’ll miss having a decent haircut and I’ll be feeling like my 16 year old self – long and straight (but without the buoyancy of youth!)

  6. Merrell hiking shoes are excellent (I use them and walk a lot). I read that hair dyes are now sold out like TP a month ago. I laugh at that relative importance graph, so funny. The meatless recipe looks good but your desserts look divine and get my top marks. #lifethisweek

  7. I’m intrigued by the Queen of Puddings and wondering what’s underneath the meringue? (I’m assuming it’s meringue on top?)

    Is your hairdresser still open? My mum went to hers last week and my aunt has been to hers and both said they were really careful etc… Obviously they’ll be getting within the 1.5m but I think I’d chance it.

    My roots are all showing at the moment but I can’t recall when I’d be due to go anyway and not sure I care enough at the moment I must admit. (And I have far too many zoom video calls but have just been pulling my hair back off my face and not worrying too much!)

    1. It’s a custard base with breadcrumbs in it (strange I know but a lot of these nursery style puddings use breadcrumbs as a filler) and then a layer of jam on top of that. My hairdresser is closed and I figured that I’d wait it out cos no one can see me anyway. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t time…

  8. Joanne, I greatly appreciate your smiles. A walk in the rain can be nice and even nicer to return to a cozy home. I can see by the comments how the grey hair (or whatever colour my hair is?) has resonated with everyone. I see many women with long, grey, gorgeous curly hair. Your graph/photo is hilarious! I am totally a zero bra at home lady except for zoom. But then, pants are optional. 🙂 I greatly appreciate your lemon curd/crushed meringue suggestion. I will let you know how things turn out. Great post, Joanne!

    1. Good luck with the lemon curd, meringue thingie. I haveto say your reference to tinned cream threw me though.

  9. Good grief, woman, that meringue is Betty Crocker perfect. I want to make a coconut cream pie like my grandmother used to make but the thought of trying meringue scares me! Found a coconut cream cheesecake that I think I will make instead.

    Had decided to go ‘natural’ sometime last summer. So my gray isn’t Covid-gray. But growing out the color is taking FOREVER. I have highlights, though, and it has made the growing out process gentler. I don’t have a line of delineation between the natural hair color and the hair that is still highlighted. It all just kind of blends in together.

  10. So agree that your meringue was very special – thought that when I saw it earlier. Oh, the hair thing…mine is about unruly and annoying. As hairdressers can still open but many aren’t, and mine shut, I am not sure what to do. I suspect I could be tempted into another one just to get a tidy up. I shall see.
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is 16/51 I Heard 20.4.2020 …hope to see you there too. Denyse.

  11. Hi Jo. I’m so pleased I decided to stop dyeing my hair a few years ago. I haven’t learned to love the grey yet but it’s taken some complication out of life. I made your lemon and raspberry slice. We loved it!

    1. So glad you made the slice! I haven’t yet made my mind up re growing out the grey…it’s definitely something I’m flirting with though. I think it will depend on whether my hairdresser opens back up any time soon.

  12. Hi Jo, I am very much in the same situation with the hair. Mine is also long and curly, but not so grey. Under my highlights it is just amazingly dull and drab brown. I need a trim badly! This morning as I dried it I thought it looked a bit like the 80’s hair with big poofy bangs! We will all be ready for some hair care for sure! Let us know how the pen thing works.

  13. I feel glad that I let my hair go white a few years ago. It is now longer than it has been since I was a teenager so I will definitely look eccentric but no worse than everyone else. I think Midsummer murders is a good choice for binge watching.

  14. Thank you Jo for always brightening my week with what is happening in your world. The Sweet Potato and Lentil curry looks delicious and I think I have all the ingredients. We’ve all become Nigella during isolation LOL:) I love Midsummer murders although I do prefer the original Barnaby – John Nettles. Did you ever see him in Bergerac? Or is that before your time? We’ve been binging on How to Get Away with Murder! Thanks as always for linking up with us at #MLSTLand hope you and the family are well. xx

  15. I’m glad you found your five things, Jo. Those lemon raspberry bars look divine! The curry too. I wish I was sheltering in place at your place. 🙂 I got my hair done right before the lock-down. I get it done every eight weeks, so I’m hanging on to hope that I’ll get to keep my next appointment. We’ll see. I do highlights, not a complete dye job, so the roots aren’t as obvious, but also I could never do it on my home without looking like a zebra. Take care, stay safe, and keep smiling! #MLSTL

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