5 things – Monday, May 11, 2020

Okay, so that’s another week done and dusted. I’m loving the hint of Autumn that’s in the air – even though here in SE Queensland we don’t really see a changing of the colours – but it’s lovely to have evening temperatures dipping and to be able to bring out the ugg boots once the sun goes down.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s jump into the five…


It was our wedding anniversary during the week – 26 years. I posted a little something about it here. We’ve never done the present for anniversary thing – usually, we go out for dinner or time a holiday or a weekend away to celebrate. This year, of course, was different. A good steak and a bottle of red from the side of the wine rack that we save for “special” was the order of the day.

Mother’s Day was yesterday and, to be honest, was very little different to usual Mother’s Days for us, although this year was also quite sad being the first Mother’s Day without Grant’s mum.

I live over 1000 kms away from my mother so it’s rare that I get to see her on the day. Thanks to a suggestion from some bloggy friends I arranged for a delivery of scones, jam and cream for her.

As for us, I scored brekky in bed, a new cookbook that I can’t wait to get stuck into, and a lovely picnic in a park in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

2. On the interwebs

I’m researching some ideas and came across this place in Devon – Riverford. It started as a food box delivery scheme – one man and a wheelbarrow – and has grown into 50,000 veg box deliveries a week. These days it’s mostly owned by its employees – a story that I love.

There’s also a restaurant which does 2 sittings a day – one each at lunch and dinner – with limited seats and a daily menu based (mostly) around plants.

On the same day as I “found” Riverford, I watched an episode of James Martin’s Home Comforts (on Foxtel) where he was talking to a woman who does verge allotments and produces veggie boxes from those pieces of land that would otherwise be completely unused. If you’re ever wondering how authors get their ideas, it’s from things like this.

Another one that caught my attention was this one. Max Fosh, a British Youtuber (yes, there is such an occupation) has embarked on a worldwide search to track down the woman who’s (stock) photo is in the picture frame that he has in his house. He’s named her Sarah and is filming his investigations (as you do). A little silly, but also quite diverting. This dude is also responsible for a DJ set comprising solely of hold music – yes, he youtubed that as well.

3. Stepping out…

Another big step week – over 100,000 for the week – including a 10km walk on Friday morning. 

After doing our usual 5kms on the beach I came back a couple of hours later and did another 10.  I parked at Alexandra Headland and walked around to the end of the spit at Mooloolaba – and back.

I’ll be honest and say there’s a bit of procrasti-walking going on as I’m really truly stuck on this edit I’m doing for Escape To Curlew Cottage. Really stuck. I’ll tell you more about why during the week, maybe.

4. Listening and watching

This week I’ve been listening to Leigh Sales’ On Any Ordinary Day. It’s a book that I don’t think I could sit down and read – the subject is a tough one – but I’ve been able to cope with it while walking. 

In case you’re not familiar with it, Leigh Sales, a respected Australian journalist, set out to talk to people who have been caught up in those sort of one in a million traumatic, blindsiding life events. Sales tells their stories compassionately, but mixes with it a blend of statistics, psychology, and human behaviour. It’s a compelling listen.

I had one of those weekends where I did very little of anything and watched the Netflix documentary on Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I know that it’s relatively sanitised but I enjoyed it. There was one really funny moment on the last Inauguration Day where she’s hurried the girls up by saying something like “the Trumps are coming!”

5. In the kitchen

It was a week for soups. 

First up was Soto Ayam – and Indonesian chicken noodle soup. What I love about Asian soups is the flavour comes from the spice so is naturally pretty healthy. We had home-made chicken stock in the freezer and poached chicken breast in that. We also piled more veg in. If you’re interested, this was the base recipe that I used. With noodles it was substantial enough for a weeknight dinner – with leftovers for lunch the next day.

I also made a batch of this red lentil soup up. Thanks to Donna for this recipe. I didn’t do it in the slow cooker, but rather on the hob – it was ready in about 40 mins. I halved the amount of lentils and stock but kept the veg and the spice mix at the quantities stated in the recipe. It made for a really spicy, warming soup and one that I’ll be definitely doing again. I would say though, that we like spice so if you’re not as into the spices as we are, maybe tone it down a tad.

What else? It was home-made pizzas and salad greens on Friday night

and then on Saturday, we went to Canada – virtually and culinarily (is that even a word) speaking, that is. I wrote about it here.

Okay, that was my week…how was yours?

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  1. I hope she loved the scones. I’m considering getting some more this week – because I did! ha! Your pizza looks great too. I’ve not read the Leigh Sales book but I’m thinking I will (as I’m the only person on the planet apparently, and never know what people are talking about). #Lifethisweek

  2. I love that book by Leigh sales and read it rather than listened to it. It was hard going at times, given some of my personal history but I thought she did a great job with it. Your cooking looks divine and yes to going to Canada! Happy anniversary 🙂 #lifethisweek

  3. Another full week Jo – and lots of food photos – I’m so glad I’m not a great cook – if I cooked like you I’d be the size of a barn! I’m off to check out the youtuber and his Stock photo Sarah story – there’s so much quirkiness on the interwebs and I love that over all the doom and gloom.
    Also loved your scones and coffee for your Mum – a fantastic idea!

      1. I’ve upped my steps by 50% and the snacking is still winning the war (grrrrrr)
        Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

  4. Happy anniversary and happy Mother’s Day! And isn’t it such perfect weather for soup at the moment!

  5. Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your mum enjoyed the scones – ours were magnificent 🙂 Actually all the food looks delish, that soup had me salivating and I am very impressed with the Nanaimo bars, I’ve had them on my To-Make list since I went to Canada a few years ago! And who knew you tubing was a job?! Not me, obviously!

    1. Mum loved the scones, she’s put them in the freezer to make them last – takes them out 2 at a time. Bless. I’d never even heard of nanaimo bars before – way too sweet for me, but Grant says they’re really good with coffee (he drinks strong black coffee).

  6. Happy Anniversary! It’s always fun to have something to celebrate! Ours is in August. I hope by then we can go out to eat at a restaurant. I want to watch Becoming on Netflix too. I read the book and loved it. We miss her here in the US so much! Those homemade pizzas look yummy!

    1. I can only imagine how much you must miss her – even from here they seemed like a shining light of hope.

  7. Jo there is so much interesting reading and to love in this post. I love your Riverford story and your new cookbook looks interesting. I enjoyed Leigh Sales book very much. Like you I felt it might be too heavy for me to read so listened to audiobook. #lifethisweek

    1. It’s funny isn’t it how the experience is different through audiobook. There was one part where I could tell Leigh was having problems reading her words & that too added an extra touch.

  8. I am so impressed you have managed to do all this in one week! I love the gorgeous beach views – autumn in Queensland is such a lovely time of year. I am loving the scone gift idea for Mother’s Day – I bet your mum was happy to receive those! And happy anniversary!

    1. Hi Katerina and thanks for dropping by. My mum loved her scones (and dad thought I’d made them). #winning

  9. Oh my goodness the food!!! Those photos! I have to try the noodle soup! Like I mentioned on FB, I loved Any Ordinary Day. Such a wonderful book. Have a lovely week ahead!

  10. Wonderful pictures of the food, mouth-watering breads, soups and pizza. Homemade is the best. Whoever gave you the idea to send your mom scones and jams was really wise. What a lovely way to let your mom know you are thinking of her. Happy anniversary too. My week has been more sitting than walking, trying to overcome tech phobias and trying to figure out what my dog wants and wondering if I wish she could talk or if I am glad she cannot.

  11. Love your weekly roundup Jo and another great week full of cooking, exercise, reading and lots more. Such a lovely idea to send your Mum scones for Mothers Day and I bet she loved it. Happy anniversary as well. A week of celebrations for you with your anniversary and Mother’s Day so a good excuse to make some yummy recipes. Loving your Saturday Kitchen series and look forward to the next one. Have a great week and thanks for sharing at #MLSTL. x

  12. Your cooking always looks amazing. And weirdly I opened up my Fitbit app on my phone the other day and saw the mammoth number of steps you’d done.

    I keep taking my watch off in horror when it gets to 2pm and I’ve done less than 500 steps. My goal is only 5000 but I’m determined to do them each day this week. It’s only day three but I did them on Mon & Tues.

    Happy belated anniversary. I think I liked your post on Facebook but didn’t actually wish you a happy anniversary. And belated happy mother’s day.

    I hope work isn’t too busy at the moment and you’re also getting time for you and the creative stuff you like. x

  13. Jo, Looks like you had a full and wonderful week. You managed everything in style and that’s a lot of walking you’ve done. Hope the walks give you many good ideas. Your food photos make me hungry as usual 🙂

  14. Hi Jo, I am impressed by the number of steps you’ve done. I am not getting mine in and need to get better about it. It will get easier as spring really gets here and it (hopefully) stops raining. I always think it is fascinating that you are getting autumn as we are getting spring. Autumn is perfect for cooking , especially soups and baked things. Enjoy the cooking and the approaching fall!

  15. What a good idea that was for your Mum. Loved it. The procrastiwalking is not bad…look at how far you are going. I admit I reduced my walking goals when all the restrictions for COVID started as I wasn’t going to the shops…now as things open up a bit more I am getting to the goals earlier and earlier so a re-set is in order.

    Thanks so much for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is 20/51 Share Your Snaps #4. 18.5.2020 and I look forward to catching you linking up there too. Warm wishes, Denyse.

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