5 things – Monday 27 April 2020

I didn’t really know how to start this wrap-up of the week – it’s been a tough one and one where I’ve considered seriously how much is on my plate and how much needs to be there and which boundaries need to be bolstered. I don’t have any answers so I’m refusing to think too hard about it. This weekly post though is not about dwelling on the negative but rather looking for the sunshine – and sharing it – so let’s go.


Just look at them.

Okay, I get up early, but this is my reward and you know what? Seeing that the sun comes up every single day and the birds wake up in time with the sun and all the cycles of nature just keep happening regardless of whatever else is going on in the world puts things in perspective. Know what I mean?

2. Captain Tom and Suffolk Library

Oh my goodness I love this man. Just when I didn’t think he could get any better he goes and scores the no. 1 hit in the UK in the week of his 100th birthday. With You’ll Never Walk Alone. Goosebumps much. Check out the story here.

Another story that caught my eye this week was this one about a library in Suffolk, UK. The library was closed for Corona deep cleaning and the cleaner rearranged the books in size order.


3. Anzac Day

rosemary for remembrance

When we lived in Sydney, we went to the dawn service a number of times – it used to be held in a park about 10 minutes walk away from us. It was, however, something that we all thought we should do, but then again, well… Yesterday it was different. I’m not sure whether it was because we weren’t allowed to attend a dawn service, but casual comments in social media about lighting a candle to remember those who gave their lives fighting for the freedoms of our two countries – Australia and New Zealand – grew into a massive swell of people wanting to give respect to the day, even while social distancing was in place. Driveway services were the answer and it was an idea that took off around the country.

In our neighbourhood, virtually all householders came out. Some had made wreaths and hung flags, most had candles, some had the service streaming from their phones. In a house on our street and one a few streets up kids put their trumpet and bugle lessons to good use and played The Last Post at 6am. Black cockatoos flew ahead and in the rainforest that runs through our estate the birds were waking up. It was quite simply hair on the back of your neck stuff.

Last year’s Anzac ceremony on the beach

4. Social Distancing

Here in Queensland, our borders are closed and we registered a few days this week without new cases. As a result, our Premier announced yesterday that we’ll be able to do a little more from next weekend. Things like picnics in the park, eating takeaway outside, using the beach for recreational purposes. We’ll even be able to drive up to 50 minutes from home. Obviously still under social distancing, but it seems like such a massive thing – being allowed to do that which we took for granted just a month ago.

In other news, my hairdresser opened back up during the week and I, wait for it, got my roots done. Yes, I gave in and I feel good. It was a quick appointment and I was sent home to wash the tint out of my hair myself, but the difference it made to my state of mind was ridiculous.

This meme made me giggle – especially in light of Grant hovering over the jigsaw Sarah was doing and threatening to put in the last piece.

5. In the kitchen

Naturally I made Anzac biscuits.

I also made these scones which, I’m hesitant to say, are possibly the best ones I’ve ever made. And that’s a really big call. I’ll tell you more about them next weekend.

The destination drawn out for Saturday night’s dinner this week was America. I made a clam chowder (recipe is here) and vanilla ice cream. We cheated and used an apple pie that was in the freezer. In the pic below is the banana split I made for Sarah using the ice cream the following night. As an aside, I’m loving my ice cream maker.

Finally, I tried out this recipe for Laksa chilli beef fried rice with greens…and it immediately was placed on the family Pinterest board “We’ll be having that again.” We used chicken instead of beef and amped up the greens and the chilli – and trust me, it tastes loads better than this photo looks.

In case you missed it…

On the was:

That was my week…how was yours?

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  1. Now I know why this is called a pandemic. Makes perfect sense. I am eating just like a panda lately! I’m afraid to stand on the scale! 🙂 Those Anzac biscuits look yummy! I am going to have to look them up. I have never heard of them before.

  2. I laughed at the last piece of the jigsaw cartoon – definitely a cause for homocide! If nothing else, the coronavirus has brought us a bounty of memes that are the gift that has kept on giving.
    Hope you get your balance back this week and the sun keeps on shining for you x

  3. So much goodness in one post – can you believe I didn’t make any Anzac bikkies this year although I did experiment with an Anzac Apple Crumble and it was totes delish!

    Those memes were spot on, I love the one about normal things and that puzzle one cracked me up. Your Thailand puzzle looks epic, I’m doing a Disney one which is not too difficult which makes it a lot more pleasurable!

    But I think the cleaner at the Suffolk library wins the internet this week 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week. Enjoy the freedom!

  4. Hey – don’t knock the arranging books by their size. I do that as well (embarassing, but true)! Although I do admit this would not work well for a public library!
    Wishing you a great week ahead with tightened boundaries!

  5. So much to love here Jo! I loved the memes, they are just so spot on, especially the jigsaw one. My husband works diligently on his puzzles and woe betide me if I decide to waltz in and put in the last piece 🙂 Nothing is normal anymore and I know I won’t take anything for granted ever again. I make a mean scone too but am trying to curb my baking as Grant can’t eat much of what I cook and so it’s left to me – see Pandemic meme above! My Anzac biscuits were a bit too soft this year but I still managed to eat them. Your sunrises always make me smile, I love your dedication. Take it easy and keep looking for those 5 things each week….#lifethisweek

  6. Now that we can go to the beach for sits and not walks, I can go again! It has been a long time to be without the beach.

  7. So much to smile at in your post Jo. I also found Anzac Day very touching this year. I loved that people stood in their driveways. I really hope that becomes a new tradition. I heard that Qld was relaxing some rules. Hope it goes well and hope we’re not far behind you,

  8. I think the way ANZAC day was commemorated had more meaning than most ceremonies. How special that must have been in your street. I was ecstatic a week ago because “tah dah” my hairdresser opened for 2 days and I was first appointment. I felt 50000% better with my hair back the way I like it.

    I remember when the Wrights Rd Park was the chook farms…went to the park to take pics after the ceremony in 2014. Our kids used to be part of the ceremony where the Castle Hill Metro station is.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week the optional prompt is 18/51 Taking Stock #2 4.5.2020. Hope to see you there too. Denyse

  9. I always love your sunrise pics! They are so beautiful! Haha, memes seem to be the one big thing getting us through this pandemic. I must confess I haven’t taken on anything new – no hobbies, no puzzles, no baking or cooking that’s out of the ordinary for me

    1. I’m getting really antsey which is why I’m trying new things yet I know that I should be doing the oppposite and giving myself a break. Sigh

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