5 things – Monday, May 25 2020

It’s a bit chilly as I write this, in fact, it’s been a bit chilly all weekend. Our high temperature on Saturday was around 12C – considering that we rarely get below 16C in mid-winter, that’s cold. It was the coldest May day in almost 100 years. So there. It was such a treat to get scarves and beanies and ponchos out and cosy up.

Anyways, it was busy last week and I’m already behind going into the start of this week so while there are little gems I want to tell you about, they’ll have to wait until next week. In the meantime, I’m cheating a tad this week and going with pics only…

1.This ramen

Ramen with smokey black garlic sauce

2. My poncho and boots

3. This spot in my local park

4. This sunrise and this sunset

5. These sunshiney mini muffins on a cold grey day

Author: Jo

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  1. Hi, Jo – It’s 12C (and rainy) for us right now as well. Your poncho and boots look like the perfect solution.
    Hopefully the weather will warm up for both of us soon. Enjoy your week ahead.
    Great pics!

  2. Woah look at that sunrise and sunset – how spectacular! Were they both in the same day?! The mandy muffins look pretty fab too. It’s positively baltic here but I have to say I am loving the cold weather!

  3. Lucky you knew where to find your winter woolies!! Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek#190…I hope to see you back next week with the optional prompt: 22/51 I Saw 1.6.2020. Take care, stay safe, Denyse.

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