Writer’s Digest – Sunday, September 13, 2021

Last week I declared right here that:

  • I’d finish the copy edit for The Little Café On The Lake and send it to my it out to my stunning band of beta/proof-readers
  • Agree the cover design for that novel and,
  • Get it up on Amazon and Goodreads for pre-sales

How did I go? Okay, let me just blow my own trumpet for a second or two because man, I was on absolute fire last week and I did those things plus:

  • Agreed the print cover for Escape To Curlew Cottage
  • Loaded it into Ingram Sparks (side note, Escape To Curlew Cottage will be available for print orders by Friday of this week). 
  • Loaded Escape onto Draft2Digtal so it’s now available on platforms other than Amazon. In fact, I went through my entire back catalogue and made sure they were all available on platforms other than Amazon
  • Updated my author website with the new order buttons
  • Updated the Books page on this website
  • Sent out an author newsletter
  • Loaded I Want You Back onto Ingram Sparks for printing

I even managed some words over the weekend in It’s In The Stars.

So, yeah, I’m well chuffed with myself – especially since I worked four days in the day job. Let’s just say that Friday and Saturday were big days.

To be fair, most of what I did has been outstanding for some time – small, but messy, admin tasks that I just haven’t seemed to have time for, or that I knew were going to need little detailed things fixed – and so they did. Itunes rejected every one of my epub files (that’s the file type you use for platforms other than Amazon) because in my closing remarks I had the effrontery to suggest readers who enjoyed the books might like to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Amazon being a competitor. Heavy heavy sighs.

Anyways, it’s now Sunday afternoon as I write this and I’m in Hervey Bay visiting my daughter for a week. I’m fortunate that I can do my normal day job from up here, but with a view like this, sometimes it’s tough to work. 

It’s been a good day.

My husband drove me up here this morning and we stopped by the fish markets to get some fabulous oysters and local prawns for lunch.

Once he left I went for a walk along the beach to Urangan Pier, and I’ve just finished making Sarah a batch of pesto risotto (I use this recipe) for her lunches this week. (Side note – the real reason she likes me coming to stay is she gets meals cooked each night plus a little batch cooking as well. What’s not to like?)

I’ve poured a glass of wine and am writing and sceduling the week’s blog posts. As for this week’s writing goals? I’m glad you asked. Sarah and I are to Bundaberg and Bargara (about another hour and a half up the coast) on Friday, so I’m being realistic on what I can achieve this week:

  • Hit the 50,000 word milestone on It’s In The Stars.

Although I’m also hoping my cover designer will have the print cover done for the revamp of Wish You Were Here and initial concepts for It’s In The Stars…fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of scenes from this afternoon’s walk.

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  1. I loved the I was on fire last week comment. I need one of those! Blue sky pics look great and the glass of wine…..let’s forget the coffee. Thanks for sharing, and I hadn’t heard about ingramsparks before which is another nudge for me to get cracking on something.

  2. Wow – Joanne! You are the rockstar of authorial productivity for the week. Excellent news all the way around.
    You make it all sound possible for those of us still hesitating about trying to publish. By the way, I checked Amazon here from California and your books are very well represented – yet another very happy ending.

  3. You deserve a medal for being so productive, Jo. Another week in gorgeous Hervey Bay is good for the soul. Have a wonderful week! Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  4. You were definitely on fire last week Jo and I think you should be chuffed with yourself. I’m quite envious of you being at Harvey Bay with you daughter this week. I can only dream of visiting my son or daughter. Darn that covid! Have a great week.

  5. I’m only a week late getting to this but already know you’re like a machine…. in a good way. My achievements today for eg… went to an exercise class (was not overly challenging), to Post Office, breakfasted, lay down to recover from breakfast and fell asleep for several hours. And suddenly it’s the afternoon…. (I am doing a book review before heading to my mum’s however – but the rest of my ‘to-do’ list will again fall to the wayside!)

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