Hotel Hotel

in one of the lift lobbies
in one of the lift lobbies

So good they named it twice?

I declared on Facebook that I thought Hotel Hotel could just be the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. A big call? Possibly. It’s not the poshest. It’s not in Melbourne. It’s not a drop out and lie about drinking cocktails or Asian beer by a beach or a pool place.

In fact, it’s in Canberra. Yes, this much coolness is in Canberra.

I’ve mentioned before that Canberra is growing more soul and more beards- it’s called New Acton…and it’s more than a little hipsterish.

The Outside


The building that houses Hotel Hotel is also home to a couple of solicitors, government departments, apartments and the Palace Cinema. The blurb says that it’s Canberra’s most sustainable mixed purpose building.


The Stair Lobby

Heading down the stairs, Palace Cinema is on your right.
Heading down the stairs, Palace Cinema is on your right.

Yes, the wood is from a sustainable source…


The Lobby


Most hotel lobbies are a place for waiting. Not this one. This one has a vibe.

No matter what time of the day we trotted through, there were people drinking, eating, sitting around on mis-matched chairs working (I’ve never seen so many air books in one place at a time), or just chatting.  At the group of tables across from me, a guided wine tasting was happening.


I had an astro deadline to chase, so found a furry cushion,


ordered a martini and felt part of it all.


There’s art, there’s a library, there are little random installations, and there’s a great restaurant- Monster. I’ll tell you about that next time. It’s edgy, it’s chic, it’s retro, it’s modern, it’s original, it’s…I’m running out of adjectives.

hh9The rooms


The cool, industrial chic look continues into the rooms.  I loved the quirky touches, but if I had one teeny complaint it would be the lighting in the bathroom (which has seriously one of the best showers and Aesop toiletries). I’m at that age where it’s important to see what I’m doing to the face- if you know what I mean.


The Verdict

So, yes, a great hotel. Maybe to call it the best is a big ask, but absolutely the coolest, the hippest, the most happening-est…

And, it’s in Canberra.

What’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in? Was the it the location, the facilities, the vibe or something else that made it so special?




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  1. Wow! Very impressive. I can’t even imagine how much the place has changed as it’s a dozen years since I was last there!

    1. Sure did go to Monster. We’ve stayed next door a couple of times before (when we go to Canberra, we stay in town & our daughter has time with Nanna in Belconnen) at what is now Peppers & eaten at A.Baker…I love it there too. Thanks for the links…I’ll check them out. Happy New Year to you.

      1. I didn’t think I would enjoy Canberra as much as I did as I had been given lots of negativity about it from Queensland friends.

      2. I hear you. It’s a great place to live- but you have to do that to get it. We knew so many in the bank who were transferred down reluctantly from Sydney & then refused to move back.

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