Friday Five…


So anyways, it’s Friday again. There’s a light show of epic proportions going on outside, and I’ve spent the last few hours procrastibaking and dancing around the house listening to Abba. Yep, it’s been that sort of week.

Given that my mother always says ‘if you can’t say anything nice, Joanne, don’t say anything at all,’ let’s go straight to the five:

Dessert of the week…

Speaking of my mother, it was her birthday on Saturday. Miss T and I took her to Mezze Me for lunch. I told you about this place the other week. Miss T and my mum both believe that dessert should come before everything else, so loved this deconstructed meringue and strawberry confection. The strawberries had been macerated in pomegranate, and as a result were more strawberry-ish than any strawberry has the right to be.


Makeover of the week…



The festival of mother continued with a flying visit to Canberra on Saturday to see Mr T’s mother. This time we stayed at Hotel Kurrajong in Barton- which has had a mighty fine and stylish makeover. Just saying. Very Gatsby.


Breakfast of the week…

The halloumi with green stuff at A.Baker in New Acton on Sunday morning.


Burger of the week…

This one at Urban Pantry in Manuka. Grilled chicken with pineapple chutney. Yummo. Possibly the best burger I’ve had since…since I can’t remember. #bigcall


Lizard of the week…

We tend to have at least one blue-tongue lizard in our backyard each year. They’re good to keep the bugs and spiders in check. The last one, Stumpy (so called on account of his missing tail) was relocated to the outdoor lizardarium next door for recuperation after he was rescued from the pool.

We currently have two fully tailed blue-tongues, and this one I’ve pictured below, in the backyard. Just how lovely is she? Hubby thinks she could be a young frill-neck. She lives in the azaleas and makes strange hissing noises. Any lizard experts out there?


And finally…

This weeks lead photo was taken on my walk around the lakeside on Sunday morning.

So was this one.


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  1. I don’t think I realised your MIL lived in Canberra though know you visit a bit… And while I don’t ‘do’ strawberries, that dessert looks amazing!

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