Friday Five…


I don’t know about you, but I go helter skelter into the week each Monday, that by Friday I sometimes have no idea what’s up and what’s down. Let alone what’s happened. Instead I get to 5pm on Friday and exhale.

It’s why I try to keep up the discipline of the Friday Five- even when (like today) my brain acts like it’s been fried and the tiredness behind my eyes feels permanently entrenched. It’s a full-stop between the week that was and the next one. And this has certainly been a week I’m not sorry to wave goodbye to.

Anyways without further ado, here’s the five:

What thrilled me…

The university offers are out and Miss T got accepted into the health sciences degree she was hoping to get into.

What pissed me off…


Driving through a paint spill on James Ruse Drive on my way to work. There was no avoiding it and even though I was in the right lane and it was largely in the left, the passenger side of my vehicle is now splattered in white paint. No, it didn’t wash off.

What I’m planning…

A migration of this site to the same provider as my astro site. It means I’ll be able to sell my books directly from here. It also means some changes as the site apparently doesn’t transfer with my theme intact. Most importantly, it will give me a little more control and eliminate the pesky ads.

What I’m looking forward to…

I’ve booked two mini breaks- long weekends away- this week. The first, at Easter, I can’t tell you too much about as it’s to coincide with Miss 17 becoming Miss 18 and I haven’t yet told her. It involves a country stay and a long walk.

The second involves New Zealand, a rugby game, and an overdue catch-up with a dear friend. There could even be an outside chance of wine.

My instagram pick of the week…

When the day’s been ugh, there’s nothing like the welcome from my pooch to lift my spirits.

It goes to follow then, that in the middle of an ugh day, there’s nothing like a doggy grin to lift the spirits.

To that end, here are my five favourite doggygrams:












If you have a favourite doggy grammer, please let me know!

Oh, and the lead photo? It’s from this time last year- on Mooloolaba Beach.

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  1. Two mini-breaks to look forward to – that’s great… And yay for Miss 17 getting into her first choice. Will she be able to remain at home or is it elsewhere?

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