Today for #treesquare we’re in Kuranda, a mountain village not far out of Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland. I’ve told you a little about Kuranda before (you can find the post here), but this time it’s all about the Kuranda Riverboat.

Kuranda railway station

Located on the other side of the railway station, Kuranda Riverboat offers 45-minute cruises on the Barron River for just $20 per adult. Fabulous value.

Along the way we see six (or was it seven) freshwater crocodiles (although none of my photos were any good), some turtles and plenty of bird life.

We also see trees. Lots of trees.

Much of the opposite side of the river is old-growth rainforest with all the diversity that goes with that. There are plants in here that dinosaurs would have eaten. There’s also the ruins of the abandoned home of a coffee plantation owner who was, it turned out, ahead of his time. I can’t begin to imagine how hard that life must have been.

After our cruise, we head back up the hill into the village for lunch at Frogs Cafe. Local beer and an excellent curry. And for the eagle-eyed among you, it’s true, the pics below are not square…but nor are they of trees. So there.

I’m linking up with Becky this month for her tree squares challenge where we post photos of trees, any trees, in square format. You’ll find Becky’s most recent post here. Oh, and given that I’m pretty much posting daily and you’ll probably get bored with pictures of trees in square formats, feel free to skim on by – I won’t be offended.

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  1. oh wow what a fabulous trip, and loving both the TreeSquares and the non square delights of the cafe! Thank you so much for taking us on your travels

  2. Jo, you were brave and posted daily. The payoffs will come over times as people see your beautiful pictures later. I like the last picture with the prices. Great story! The river cruise must have been lovely.

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