It’s a nice day for a beach wedding


We first saw them posing out of the side of the tuk tuk that had been freshly polished for the occasion.

‘Isn’t that cute?’ I said to Sarah.

Then they were cavorting on the beach, a white floppy hat perched her head to match her wedding dress, the photographer instructing her to pose.

Wow, we thought, not only have they come over here to get married, but they’ve brought an entire camera crew with them. That makes it an expensive elopement. We thought.

On the beach was another happy couple. This bride was in red. Hubby and I were walking the beach when we saw them.

‘That dress doesn’t even fit her,’ he said. ‘In fact, I’d take a guess and say it wasn’t hers.’

He was right. On closer observation it was clear the dress had been pinned in at the back to fit.


Since that first day we’ve seen both happy couples being photographed along the beach in various made to fit dresses. At it’s peak there were 5.

If you look closely, there's another bride posing in the jetski in the background
If you look closely, there’s another bride posing in the jetski in the background

They’ve been pretending to pull in the ropes that mark the jet boat exclusion zone- as if the shared power of their love will give them the strength. They’ve been photographed running towards each other on the beach.


They’ve been photographed emerging from the water. They’ve been photographed in every possible cheesy wedding pose you could think of.


In town, they’ve been pictured doing things that a normal honeymooning couple who was into cheesy honeymoon photos would do. Toasting each other over cocktails, sipping at coconuts, bargaining for dresses.

Obviously it’s a spread for an Asian wedding magazine, but we’ve taken to actively look for them each morning- the happy couples.

Ain’t love grand?




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