The Palms, Kamala…


Ok, I’m about to go out on a limb here…The Palms at Kamala has been the best accommodation the three of us have stayed in in Asia. In any holiday. There, I said it.

Sure, hubby and I have had some great rooms in Bali, but the three of us? We’re usually all jammed into a space that shouldn’t have two adults and an almost adult in it. She needs more privacy these days than three in a room can give.

We took a two room apartment here- for less than the cost of squeezing in together at the resort we were in last time in Patong. And they were two good size rooms- both with plenty of cupboard space for unpacking,



with two bathrooms, a sitting room leading onto a balcony that overlooked the pool



and a kitchen (that we didn’t use as a yummy brekky was included).


It was all simply, but tastefully furnished. More importantly, once inside, other than fireworks, we heard nothing. It’s also the quietest accommodation we’ve had on any holiday- and anyone who knows how badly I normally sleep knows what I big statement that is.

In the complex was a long narrow pool- ok, two long narrow pools- perfect for kids, and a restaurant that served great value, great tasting thai dishes- along with a few European basics like pizzas.


As for location? We were about halfway along the narrow street I told you about yesterday. The beach was less than five minutes walk away- just far enough to ensure that we couldn’t buy pancakes every time we wanted them, but just far enough to ensure we could when the craving hit.

In the mornings we’d sit over breakfast and watch the fishermen deliver their catch to the seafood restaurant across the road. They’d turn up on one of those motorbikes with a cart attached.

The other suppliers would follow.


Then the jet skis would come. Sometimes towed by a black hilux ( the record was six at a time- one trailer towing another and that towing another another and another- workers riding on the backs…). Sometimes they’d be towed by a motorbike- the record here was just three.


In the afternoons the pattern would be reversed- the jetskis going home, the motorbikes heading in the reverse direction- whole  families on board- usually dad driving, smallest kid balanced in front of dad, biggest kid in between mum and dad.

The staff were super friendly, and remembered us by name- especially after the luggage debacle. Although I have to admit to being a tad concerned when I settled down to update my journal as I did each evening, the drinks waiter met me with a ‘your usual? A mohito?’ Was I really that predictable? Obviously, and gratefully, yes.



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  1. I love that the waiter remembered your drink…

    The suite does look nice and spacious. Living out of small hotel rooms can get a bit old after a while, so it’s nice to have a more spacious suite!

    1. Let’s just say that we all needed space by then- especially after a week in London living on top of each other…tempers were becoming frayed.

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