Thai Pancakes


We’re in Phuket. Well, Kamala Beach on Phuket Island to be exact.

If you’ve been keeping up with my twitter account, you’d know that thanks to a mishap of the luggage kind, this hasn’t been a smooth entry. That, however, is one of the parts of travelling that you simply have to (hopefully rarely) deal with. More on that later…maybe.

One of the joys of Thai beach holidays is the Thai pancake- although strictly speaking, it’s a roti. I love these things- and those who know me well and know that I don’t do dessert and prefer my sugar to be fermented know just what a big call that is.

Here in Kamala, there’s a lady who churns them out at her little stall near the beach from around 11am each day. She leaves when she’s run out.


Here’s how she does it.

She’s already got the little dough balls ready to go, so when you order she rolls it, stretches it and flips it about a bit.


Then she places it on an oiled skillet.


After it’s been cooking for just a few seconds, she starts to add the ingredients. We always have banana and nutella.




Next, the ends are folded in until they form a neat package



She then carefully turns it over to seal the edges for a few seconds, and transfers it to a plate where she chops it up into bite size pieces. We share ours between the 3 of us- and I use the term “sharing” loosely- my family love these so much that I’m lucky to get just a couple of bites- but that means I can justify more tomorrow.





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