That’s a Wrap: January 7, 2017



That’s the first week of 2017 done and dusted. Just. Like. That.

As a week it was quite unremarkable, and I’ve had to really stretch my mind to come up with something even halfway interesting – let alone a few somethings halfway interesting. As for decent pics? Yeah, nah, not this week.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s wrap this week…

How I spent New Year’s Eve…


Contrary to recent examples, not only did I stay awake for the countdown, but well past it. After dinner at the local club we sat on a friend’s deck drinking bubbles and chatting. It was a text from my daughter

Are we ever going home?

that made us realise it was 1.30am and it was probably time we found our way back home.

Oh, we were only next door. 18 years olds have absolutely no staying power these days…

How I spent New Year’s Day…

At the Sydney Fish Markets.

It was grey and humid and many of the suppliers were closed, but the hot seafood platter at Doyles was just the ticket for some fried yumminess before the resolutions took effect.


Many of the suppliers were closed, but a couple of cruise ships were docked in at Gleve Island, so the place was mobbed.


What I read…

I’m still going on the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries I mentioned last week. Rather than annoying me – as I feared they might – I’m really enjoying their lightness. The perfect bus read.

What made me do a little fist pump…


Every morning I catch the 6.36am bus and say good morning how are you to the driver. He never responds. Every morning when the bus pulls up at Wynyard I tell him thankyou, have a nice day. There’s never an acknowledgement.

Yesterday, not only did he talk back, but we had an entire conversation about how these two weeks are the best time of the year to be working, and how the best time to go on holidays was the end of January when everyone else was back at work and school.


What I blogged…

I’m doubling down on content this year, so spent the long weekend scheduling a mountain of posts for the astro site. On the author site I wrote something about how I use astrology to write romantic fiction; and here I told you about my 2017 resolutions and my word of the year.

What I spent way too much time doing…

Trawling looking for places to live. We haven’t decided on a suburb yet – but our favourites are (in no particular order) Peregian Beach, Coolum Beach, Twin Waters and Buderim. That could, however, change.

Ok, that was my week…how was yours? Any highlights?

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  1. Ha! I love that the bus driver spoke to you. Perhaps he’s on Twitter?! #joking

    My NYE was very anticlimactic as I was babysitting and was in bed just after the kids at 9pm. I was worried they’d want to stay up til midnight but nope…

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