Sydney Fish Markets


Every so often I crave prawns. And oysters. Just as they are. No sauce, no frying, no cheesey stuff on top. Just natural.

And not just any prawns will do- I need Aussie king prawns.

At those times only two possibilities will suffice:

  • The Deck at Mooloolaba Fish Co-op or
  • Sydney Fish Markets

Given that Mooloolaba is over 1000kms away, Sydney Fish Markets it is.


The thing I like about the Fish Markets is the choice, the freshness, and the variety. We’ve come home with some vongole for a simple pasta dish tonight, and blue swimmer crabs that we’ll stir fry with ginger, chilli and shallots tomorrow night after the family thing at the Lyons Den.

freshly shucked oysters from all over Australia at the Oyster Bar

The thing I don’t like is, you guessed it, the traffic. Parking is appalling on a weekend.

If you’re interested- they do amazing seafood cookery classes. I’ve done a couple- a Singapore Chilli Crab class and a French Seafood class (conducted entirely in French) taught by the very yummy Manu Fieldel. I didn’t understand much, well, un petit peu, but I could listen to the accent all day.

Getting there


We drove, but if you want to take public transport, the metro light rail from Haymarket in the city will drop you at the door.

Otherwise, walk down from Darling Harbour (it’s only about 10 minutes) or catch a bus to Pyrmont Bridge Road- just a 5 minute walk away. For timetables and bus numbers check out

You can even come by boat and moor outside.

Eating there


Spoiled for choice, we tend to go to Deep and buy a combo of fresh (for me & Mr T) and friend for Miss 14.


Pretty well every fisho in the market also sells fresh and cooked seafood for picnics outside.


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  1. Ugh… I don’t actually eat seafood – other than fish (which has to be filleted etc). I think it’s cos I don’t like eating things that looked like they did when they were alive. (That’s my excuse and why I also won’t eat things with bones!)

    Plus some of the textures of seafood are just creepy! (But that’s just me! Almost everyone I know LOVES the stuff!)

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