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22 things I’ve learnt about the Sunshine Coast…

Ok, so we’ve been residents on the Sunshine Coast for just over a month now (less a couple of weeks in Vietnam). We’ve settled in well and are loving it beyond words. I have a list a mile long of places to… Read More

Jim Thompson House…

  This post was originally published in 2013 on our previous visit to Bangkok. Given, though, that we re-visited Jim Thompson House this year, I’m re-posting…with new pics. ‘Jim Thompson?’ my husband asked, ‘who the flip is Jim Thompson?’ Ok, he didn’t… Read More

That’s a wrap…

What a week! I feel as though I’ve barely drawn breath – but then I suppose that’s what happens when there’s so much on. I did, of course, celebrate my 50th birthday last Sunday – well, the birthday was officially on Sunday,… Read More

That’s a wrap: Week 8

Where do I start? Last weekend was a bit of a blur of farewell parties. At the same time as pretending not to feel sad about leaving, I’m grateful that I have people in my life that I am genuinely sad to… Read More

Echo on the Marina

  Because it’s Thursday and I like to link up with the loving’ life crew, I had something scheduled about what fashion looks like at 50. Here’s a #spoileralert – whatever you damn well want it to look like. Then I figured that… Read More

Dream Destinations…

You know those times where you open the fridge door and stare aimlessly inside – hoping that by some miracle something interesting has found its way in there since the last time you stood in front of the open fridge and stared… Read More

Sunshine Coasting…

On Monday I posted a bit of an ode to the city I live in…a farewell, of sorts. I had a lot of people asking if I was feeling nostalgic or sad about leaving and to be honest, while there’s absolutely a… Read More

That’s a Wrap: January 7, 2017

  That’s the first week of 2017 done and dusted. Just. Like. That. As a week it was quite unremarkable, and I’ve had to really stretch my mind to come up with something even halfway interesting – let alone a few somethings… Read More

2017: The Word

Unless you’re new to this blog or have been living under a rock, we’re moving to the Sunshine Coast this year. It’s a mega sea-change that’s exciting and scary all at the same time. How to find a word for 2017 that… Read More

That’s a Wrap…

  Firstly…happy new year! It’s felt, over the last week, as though I’m the only one in Sydney not on holidays. I know that’s not true, but that’s how it’s felt. Oh, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either – in… Read More