My week in a snapshot….a day late. What I’m reading… I just finished reading Alexandra Potter’s new chick lit offering The Love Detective. I want to add India to my bucket list now. And a fedora. I also read Peter Temple’s The… Read More

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so here goes: Week beginning 6 January, 2014 First up was Bondi…it’s probably also the last time we’ll be venturing over during the school holidays. We got an early bus across, but by… Read More

friday five: Bondi…and beyond

Mr T has been on holidays all week. He has a busy job and works stupid, stupid hours, so the break has been good for him. Unfortunately, when he first booked this leave, I wasn’t working. As a result, he’s had most… Read More

So I’ve been in Melbourne this week. And loving it. What I’ve loved even more has been the company of Miss 14. Just priceless. We’ve spent the last 4 days walking, shopping and giggling. As great as it is to go away,… Read More

the friday five

Astrologically, Friday is associated with the planet Venus. Venus is associated with the things that make us feel good. In honour of that, I declare Fridays on and anyways to be about those things that are feeling good to me. Right now…. Read More