So anyways, it’s Friday again. There’s a light show of epic proportions going on outside, and I’ve spent the last few hours procrastibaking and dancing around the house listening to Abba. Yep, it’s been that sort of week. Given that my mother… Read More

I don’t know about you, but I go helter skelter into the week each Monday, that by Friday I sometimes have no idea what’s up and what’s down. Let alone what’s happened. Instead I get to 5pm on Friday and exhale.

It’s been a tough week in the partition. That’s sort of normal for January- and February- but this week has been super hard. I think it’s because everyone, well nearly everyone, is back at work. And, just like how everything needs to… Read More

The more eagle- eyed amongst you would have noticed that there was no Friday Five this week. It’s been a busy week. I’ve been flat-chat all week in the partition getting ready for holidays- you know how it is, everything has to… Read More

So anyways, I’m writing this with the house smelling wonderful. I have what will become a beef rendang simmering away on the stovetop, and what used to be coconut- before it was dry fried into toasty yumminess- smelling awfully like anzac biscuits in… Read More

It hasn’t been a great week. After managing to get through the whole of winter with my health intact- even when everyone else was snorting and sniffing and coughing- I succumbed to my first head-cold in well over a year. I’ve been… Read More

So anyways, I’ve been on a bit of a treasure hunt of sorts this week- looking for information. This whole research thing is, for me, an unfamiliar place to be- especially when it comes to writing. You see, the sort of loosely… Read More

So anyways, it’s a long weekend here this weekend. I’ve made it an extra long one by taking today off work. I’m catch up on some writing tasks, some maintenance tasks (goodbye grey hair…), and some long overdue astro related stuff. Tonight… Read More

    So anyways, much of my corporate life has involved projects and change management- the two have similar, yet very different skill sets. The former involves engaging stakeholders; identifying tasks, milestones and critical paths; managing scope, budgets and competing dependencies, risks and issues. The… Read More

So anyways, if you follow me on instagram, you would have known that my daughter graduated from High School today and has her formal dinner-dance tonight. You couldn’t miss it- I’ve bombarded instagram with photos. As expected, I’ve shed a few tears-… Read More