So anyways, I was in Melbourne last weekend. Sure, I was there for the Romance Australia Conference, but I did, of course, manage to find some time for wandering- and discovered a few new to me places. Breakfast Places I used to… Read More

So anyways, I learnt a few things this week. For example- did you know that bananas and humans share 60% of the same DNA. It must be true- it was in my OMG Fact of the Day calendar. In any case, it certainly explains… Read More

So anyways, it’s been an up and down week. I was supposed to spend last weekend painting, but my back was a tad on the dodgy side, so I decided to play it safe and instead attacked my bookcases and the paperwork… Read More

So anyways, I toddled off to get my long overdue blood tests results the other day. I felt work early and up I went…and waited…for well over an hour past my scheduled appointment time. At first I got impatient. Listening to everyone… Read More

So anyways, todays Friday Five is a little different. There’s no round-up of the week, no what I’m doing, reading, cooking, writing or watching. It’s an unashamed #foodporn post. It’s a post in five courses…plus drinks…and bread. Now, before I get too… Read More

So anyways, we got to talking in the partition this morning about desert island albums. You know the ones- those classic albums that if you were stranded on a desert island with access to power and a device that played music, you’d… Read More

So anyways, this week has been characterised by pain. The sort of pain that comes with sound effects. Muscle pain. More specifically muscle pain that comes from going up and down a step ladder a million and thirty six times, bending down… Read More

So anyways, I was walking along beside Homebush Bay the other lunchtime, when I burst out giggling. Giggling when walking alone probably isn’t the smartest thing to do- especially not at lunchtime and dressed for the partition- but giggle is what I… Read More

So anyways, as I write this, the rain is pouring down- both outside and through what must be a cracked roof tile in our ensuite. Yes- I’m sighing…for both the thought of what I know will be a lengthy commute this morning… Read More

So anyways, Miss 17 and I spent last weekend in Melbourne. There are still a few posts to come, but we had a great time. As I’ve probably mentioned before, she’s in her final year of school and the pressure their little… Read More