And, that’s a wrap…

Lake Parramatta

What I’ve been de-cluttering…


I’ve been actively de-cluttering. The cookbook shelves under the kitchen bench were the first to get my attention.

There are some books I can’t bear to part with, but these piles will be re-homed.

Tomorrow is the turn of the study…

Where I lunched…

Beer and Dumplings

Beer and Dumplings in Potts Point. It does beer and, well dumplings. Who’d have thought? And, it was good…


What I celebrated…


My niece’s 18th birthday. It was a grey and rainy day, but my sister managed well to feed and shelter over 60 people.

Oh look: a random wisteria photo…


What’s made life easier…


The tunnel from Wynyard to Barangaroo opened this week. It cuts the walk down to 6 minutes- with no nasty steep bits.


Oh look: a random blossom photo…


What disappointed me…

I’ve had lots of good meals at Jamie’s in Sydney, but last night (I was there for a work dinner) was flat out disappointing. The olives were as good as ever, but I had the prawn linguine and, well, as I said- disappointed.

What a difference a haircut makes…


Kali had a haircut this morning and transformed from cute and floppy womble

not a womble

into Adventure Spaniel- able to cross creeks and take tall paths and rocks in a series of bounds…


What I broke in…



I’ve had these hiking boots for a few months, but haven’t spent a lot of time off-road in them. Today I changed all that. The verdict? Yeah, my feet are alright.

Where I bush-walked…


Hubby and I, accompanied by Adventure Spaniel, did a pretty decent walk through Lake Parramatta Reserve this morning. I’ll tell you more about that separately.

What I’m listening to…

A new playlist for a new novel. There’s a Bananarama song on it.


What I’m working on…

Here’s a link to the update on my author page. There’s a pop-up thingie over there too so you can sign up to receive the newsletter- when I get around to sending one out.

How was your week? Any highs?


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12 thoughts

  1. I zoomed in on the playlist to check it out, but don’t recognise all of the songs!

    Kali looks so different after her ‘trim’. And well done on the walking – you’re so diligent on weekends and days off, getting your walks in!

    PS. Was looking at the pic of the artwork near the staircase. I really want some new pieces for my new place but can’t really justify the cost (and shouldn’t)…. Even replica posters – by the time you frame them etc… $150 here, $200 there!

    1. There’s a story about the art in that restaurant- the owner’s son is a graphic designer and he did it all- yes, I asked…it was fabulous. But you’re right- art (even prints etc) is so exxie.

  2. So nice to see the pics and of Sydney too. Even though we no longer live there (sold in 2014 after being in there since 1978) I like seeing updates and I noticed the new walkway tunnel via my newspaper the other day. Would be much better I imagine.

  3. Dido is one of my all time favourite albums. Good to see it make your play list.
    Sorry to hear that Jamie’s was a let down. This was our girls catch up restaurant when I worked in the city. Keystone Hospitality went into liquidation a few months ago and Jamie’s + 17 others are all part of that group. Google it.
    I’m loving the Adventure Spaniel Updates.
    Cookbooks are not for me, but I’ll look through the ones from the study ?!?

    1. We’ve had so many lunches at Jamie’s & I’ve never been disappointed. I’d read about the liquidation at the time & wondered if it had anything to do with the downgrade in quality. I’m cleaning out my fiction shelves too, but you’ll need to be quick!

  4. I love a good “week in review” post. Such a great glimpse into your life. Thanks so much for linking up with the #lovinlifelinky this week. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to reading you. Been a busy week!!! Perhaps I need to do my own week in review.

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