Friday Five…

Killcare Beach
Killcare Beach

I’m not really sure where to begin today’s weekly round-up- there’s a lot going on…perhaps it’s best to jump straight into the five!

Where I discovered…

Hardy's Bay, Central Coast
Hardy’s Bay, Central Coast

I was born in Sydney and I’ve been back living here since 1992. My brother lives on the Central Coast, yet I never knew that a place as hidden and as gorgeous as Killcare and Hardy’s Bay existed. Now I do. Just don’t tell anyone else about it…

Killcare Surf Club
Killcare Surf Club

Where I lunched…


The Fat Goose at Hardy’s Bay. With a name like that, how could I resist? I had breakfast for lunch- potato rosti, scramby eggs and smoked salmon.


What I read…


I started John Birmingham’s How To Be A Writer (who smashes deadlines, crushes editors and lives in a solid gold hovercraft) a couple of weeks ago, but (for whatever reason) only got as far as the first couple of chapters. This week I devoured the rest. I’ll review it properly for the author page (have you checked it out yet? I happen to think it’s pretty fabulous), but this book is by far the best no nonsense book on the business of writing that I’ve ever read. Ever.

What I also read…


Gotham, the first in a novella series by Nick Earls. The perfect length for an M2 bus commute on a rainy afternoon, the ending had big, fat tears dripping down my face- in a really good way. You can read Debbish’s review of it here.

I’ve already started the next…Venice.

What I’m considering…

The best way of redistributing a lot of cookbooks…indeed, a lot of books fullstop. I need to reduce what’s on my shelves by about half- yet can’t quite say the words “get rid of.”

Individual listings on ebay or gumtree are painful, so I’m considering an online garage sale with local pick-up only. Or maybe a garage sale with books only?

What do you think?

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  1. Oh, I loved Gotham – I haven’t read no.4 but it’s been my fave and I listened to the audio book as well.

    Love JB so I should try and read his book. He’s got a great voice… I’ve not read his books but love his column and blog etc…

    And I’d never heard of Killcare either until Miss Mel mentioned it!

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