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It’s a sunny Sunday morning here in Sydney. The clocks flicked forward last night for daylight savings, and it’s a long weekend. We were supposed to do a run down to Canberra today, but changed plans on Friday. Instead, I’m about to go to a local park for a barbecue breakfast with a group of friends and their dogs. Adventure Spaniel is excited.

Given that Milford is just 6 weeks away, I should be out walking instead of writing this…maybe later.

Ok, it’s been a relatively quiet week, but here goes:

What I’ve been climbing…


These stairs. I’m on the 9th floor at work, and given my hours, I’ve resorted to trudging up the fire stairs from level 1 at least three times a day. A trade working between levels 6 and 7 gave me very weird looks the other day. I get to level 9 and am puffing and red in the face, but every little bit helps.

What I’ve been working on…


My copy edit. It came back the other day, so I’ve been up before 5 each morning to work through it. It’s done and I’m now onto proof-reading. I wrote about it over on the author blog.

What I’ve been deciding on…

I’ve been working with my designer on a new cover for Baby, It’s You to blend in with the others. We’ve landed on this. I need to get the tagline added, but will launch it soon with a discount on the book too. Make sure you’ve signed up for updates on the author page for that one.




What’s in my garden…


Everything is growing beautifully. The veggies we planted are coming along nicely, the snow peas and peas have flowers on them and the daisies are all out.


Here’s another


and another.


As for the seaside daisies in the garden near the pool? They’re tumbling over the edge and look fabulous. Oh, and the rose in the top pic is also from my garden.


Where I lunched…


We trekked out to Windsor on Friday for lunch at the Macquarie Arms Hotel- Australia’s oldest pub. It was ok- typical pub food, really, although Miss T’s chicken parmi was one of the best she’s had outside of Victoria.

Where I also lunched…


I caught up for lunch with a friend in the city yesterday and ate at Bill’s in Crown St, Surry Hills. The conversation was fabulous, but my meal was disappointing. I had calamari with nam-jim dressing and a green papaya salad. The calamari was nice, but the salad was boring in a way that no green papaya salad ever has the right to be.

Oh look,,,more daisies…


What I’m de-cluttering…

This week is the turn of the spare room that is used as Miss T’s TV room. It houses all our craft and art supplies (most of which haven’t been touched in years), as well as photos, photo albums, vinyl records, and pretty well anything else I haven’t found homes for. I predict a lot of ebaying is in my future…

How was your week? Any highlights?

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  1. I love the new cover for Baby It’s You!!!

    And nine flights of stairs – very impressive. I’d be exceedingly red-faced at the end of that!

    1. Thanks Deb…those 9 flights kill me & my knee complains for every one of them, but with 6 weeks to go…

  2. I love the photos of the flowers, very pretty! And the book cover looks ace too!

  3. Lovely flowers Jo! We had them growing around the pool at our old house. Sigh…miss it today! The beginning of October (and Daylight saving) reminds me of great times in that pool with the grandkids. Go you on the fitness via the stairs…dont bugger your knee more! Yikes.

    1. Thanks Denyse- yeah the down hurts more than the up. I take comfort from knowing I’ll be using walking poles on track to help with the descent!

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