Friday Five…Milford Track and Li Chun

Milford Sound, April 2011
Milford Sound, April 2011

Li Chun. It’s a day in the Chinese calendar traditionally significant for farmers looking for a bountiful harvest. It’s the first day of Spring in the Chinese calendar.

The deal is on that day you don’t withdraw money (after a lot of discussion we decided that using a credit card or eftpos counted as withdrawing money) and you must deposit money into an account.  Even though a few party pooper feng shui experts have argued that Li Chun isn’t always a lucky day for money, Singaporean bank DBS transferred their employees monthly salaries early to coincide with the date. Just saying.

Oh, and it’s a lucky day to wear red or yellow.

Depending on your Chinese sign, there’s even an auspicious time for your deposit. I’m a sheep, so sadly my best time was after the banks are closed. I made do with a lunchtime deposit. The Commonwealth Bank were handing out fortune cookies- my BMF (his sign is a horse so best time for depositing was between midday and 1pm) grabbed one for me- it said I’d accomplish much.

Anyways, Li Chun falls when the sun hits 315deg celestial longitude. Whatever. That’s normally February 4. I’d prepared the day before and had cash in my wallet for the things I’d usually paywave, but it takes more planning than you’d think.

What I booked…

I’m (gulp) 50 next March, so am determined to cross at least two things off my bucket list this year. One of those I’ll be doing (weather permitting) over the Easter break. I’d tell you more about it, except it’s a surprise attached to Miss T’s 18th birthday.

The other is walking the Milford Track.

Miss T on Te Anau Downs, April 2011
Miss T on Te Anau Downs, April 2011

Because I’ve been to Milford Sound a few times (the last was back in April 2011), I’ve been umming and aaahhing about whether I’ll do this or another Kiwi walk. But this one has been on my bucket list from day 1, and the challenge of Mackinnon Pass is one I’d like to say I’ve done. The next challenge is to get my back healthy enough to achieve it.

So, I’m doing it- in November- the posh way with beds, cooked meals and drying rooms for clothes. It makes it an expensive few days, but I’m positive will be worth it. If you want to know why I chose a guided walk, check out this post-aptly titled 5 Reasons I Chose A Guided Walk.

Besides, it’s also research for a series idea I’ve been mulling around in my head since I did the Routeburn Track two years ago.

This instagram pic from @ultimatehikesnz gives you an idea of the beauty of this walk,


while this one from @wanderlustphotography is what I’m looking forward to waking up to.


What I cooked…

Absolutely nothing since my bout of procrastibaking. No doubt that will change over the weekend.

What I’m working on…

I’m contributing again to the astro diaries I’ve contributed to for the last couple of years. With regular deadlines between now and the end of March, I’ll be kept busy on weekends.

As for the novel, I have two chapters to write to finish the first draft. I’ve done some re-writing as I’ve gone on this one to tie in changes of name, and for when I’ve moved scenes etc around, so fingers crossed the full re-write to get it ready for structural editing won’t be quite as onerous as it usually is.

Favourite instameme for the week…

This one had me nodding my head,


but this one really fit my mood…


What made me catch my breath…

This lily. It comes out for just a few days once a year in our front garden. I noticed it after a truly terrible day in the partition.



How was your week?

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  1. Wow, is it really two years since you did your last walk / hike thingy?

    Great goals. I’ve realised I’m not good at thinking or planning ahead. I only have these ephemeral kinds of plans… “One day I will only weigh x.” Or… “One day I will go to Italy.”

    1. I don’t think I’m great at planning too far ahead, but I am good at saying, ‘yeah, I really want to do that,’ booking it & then going aaaaaaaaah!

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