Writers block

So anyways, I did a little procrastibaking on the weekend.

It started on Friday afternoon.

The day had been Busy, with a capital B. Thursday had been the same. You know it’s been busy day in the office when you achieve your daily step target without stepping outside. Yes. Really.

I had Plans for the weekend- with a capital P. I also had Deadlines- with a capital…oh, you get the idea:

  • I have about three chapters to write to finish the first draft of Finding John Smith, and figured I could knock them over in a concentrated burst of creative energy. Of course, there’s a re-write to be done before it goes off to ebookedit for structural work, but…
  • I had a list of blogs due for the astro site. I’ve been a tad absent over there of late, and in danger of slipping behind on some self-imposed targets.
  • I’ve just started the work on the astro diaries I’ve contributed to over the last couple of years. This is a huge job and one that will keep me busy on weekends until March.

So, it had been a Busy week, and I had Plans and Deadlines. The weekend promised to be productive.

And it was:

  • On Friday evening I baked a ginger oaty slice and chicken coconut curry noodles- I told you about those in this weeks’ Cooking the Books.
  • On Saturday I took the six egg yolks that I had leftover from the lemon pavlova I made for Australia Day and turned them into vanilla ice-cream.
  • On Sunday I made chicken stock and filled the freezer with container after container of the stuff, and portion controlled packages of poached chicken for lunches and sandwiches. Then I made salad, and jars of dressing- the wonderful satay one I mentioned the other week.

As for writing? I wrote a chapter…and got a start on the first months horoscopes…but overall I deleted more words than I kept. On the up-side, my family is well-fed and my freezer well-stocked. And the deadline? I have until Friday for the first one…I’ve got this.

5 Comments on “Procrastibaking…

  1. It may be time to delegate, surely Miss 17 could manage the chicken stock and a salad?

  2. You’re having a laugh aren’t you? That would involve her (gulp) cooking….

  3. I set myself a writing task several days ago and am yet to get to it. Even now… I’m doing everything except open the document I need to work on!

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