Friday Five: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…


So anyways, I finished up at the partition job yesterday. This is the first job I’ve ever resigned from- every other time, I’ve been the last person standing and had the role of turning off the lights.

It was all a tad emotional- as goodbyes tend to be. Although there are absolutely no regrets for the decision that I’ve made, the tears did spill over when I said goodbye to my colleagues and packed up the personal contents of my partition space:

  • 1 x magic 8 ball which, to be honest, isn’t yet well trained
  • 1 x very ugly feng shui frog that’s apparently for money luck. My BMF and ex-boss insisted we place our joint lotto ticket under it- so far it hasn’t worked, but we remain optimistic.
  • 1 x snow globe featuring the Loch Ness monster. The idea was that I’d shake it each time I needed to see blue sparkles. It’s been shaken so much that Nessie has now fallen off her plinth and into the loch.
  • 1 x cartoon figure of Robin. My ex-boss has the Batman figure.
  • 1 x shattered serenity bubble

Today we’re off on a road-trip- I’m writing this from Moore Park Inn in Armidale- so without further ado, to this weeks’ five…

What’s in my garden?


These lovely camellias. Somehow they’ve managed to escape hubby’s blitz.

What’s in someone else’s garden…


This wattle. It always feels as though it’s out too early. After all, it’s still the middle of winter…

My new favourite local place to lunch…

Wolfe & Co at Dural. Yes, for most people in Sydney, Dural is a bit of a drive and, if we’re being honest, a tad on the horsey side, but for us it’s close- and Wolfe & Co is a little more hipster than you’d expect. There’s even a random beard or two.

I had the winter salad bowl: roasted cauliflower, pumpkin, chickpeas and all sorts of yummy things.


Job of the week…

Given that I’ve just finished a job, naturally I’m thinking about what comes next. On a podcast I was listening to on the way home the other day, a guest was introduced as…wait for it…”the UK’s leading chip reviewer.” You mean there’s a job for that?

Bookshop discovery…

Boobooks in Armidale. Yep, I’m on a road-trip and staying overnight here. This second-hand bookshop is glorious. I grabbed a copy of Nigella’s Kitchen and two more Bill Brysons.


This Kiwi book was inscribed in 1960 something from a husband to his wife on the occasion of their moving to Canberra. Very sweet.

Anyways, from Armidale, here’s cheers to my colleagues with thanks for the past couple of years, and cheers for what’s next.


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