Friday Five: The Melbourne Foodie Edition…

Ceiling art- St Collins Lane

I was in Melbourne last weekend. She was cold and she was fabulous.

One of the things that I both love and hate (and love to hate) about Sydney is the weather. I hate it how we go straight from winter to summer and vice versa- giving autumn and spring just a few days to tempt us into transition. I hate those steamy, hot summer days, and I love it when the sun is shining in the middle of winter.

Yet, and it’s a big yet, I yearn for those days where scarves, beanies and coats are necessary. It’s why my favourite time of the year to visit Melbourne is in the winter. In fact, you could say that I go for the weather, but we’d all know that what really draws me down there is the food…

So, without further ado, even though it’s Saturday, here’s the Melbourne foodie five…

Dessert most likely to resemble a caramello koala…

The chocolate and caramel delice at The European. Air borne calories.


What I want to try at home…

The crumpets with whipped home-made ricotta and drizzle honey at Cumulus Inc. Yummo.


The best (yes you heard it) chips…

The chips at Fonda Mexican. Not only did they retain their crunch right to the bottom of the bowl, but the chipotle sauce is the perfect dipper.


What would make me rush out and buy a deep fryer…

The pumpkin and goats cheese arancini at The European…also with a smoky chipotle ailoli. I can’t begin to tell you how good it was, but I’ll say this: chipotle aioli is a happening thing!


The vegetable most likely to succeed…

Beetroot. We had an amazing beetroot salad at The European as a shared appetiser. It had beetroot of every colour.

The best use of it though, was on smashed avo with dukkah at The Journal Canteen. I didn’t think that there was anything that could make smashed avo and feta taste better- but beetroot does.




4 comments on “Friday Five: The Melbourne Foodie Edition…”
  1. Deborah says:

    Okay, you had me until you got to the beetroot. I was nodding with each pic, thinking yum… even the pumpkin & goats cheese arancini balls had me shrug at the pumpkin, but think… sure. But beetroot…

    Envy your foodie getaways!

    1. Jo says:

      Lol….I love love love beetroot- but it’s one of those tastes, right?

  2. Love getting food tips for my hometown. Good reminder to revisit the European, thanks Jo.

    1. Jo says:

      lol…anytime, Angela.

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