Sentence a day – August

I’m quite enjoying this way of reviewing the month. It’s one sentence (ok, sometimes 2) a day. Supremely doable. Thanks again to Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After for the link-up.

Anyways, here’s my month…

1.Cruise ship in just off the beach – a magnificent sight.

2. I’m really loving Wednesdays – bellydancing in the morning and writing in the afternoon. Another cruise ship paid us a visit so my office today was the Surf Club. Oh, and I Want You Back has gone off to the editors for structural editing.

From the surf club

3. Dancing in the Dark – or, officially, No Lights No Lycra. Seriously awesome fun.

4. Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens – lovely bushwalking and an opportunity to exhale.

5. Joyflight rescheduled until the end of the month. Disappointment managed with breakfast at One Block Back.

6. Always love a new to me market – Fishermans Rd, Maroochydore. The produce is so cheap!

7. A full day in the office – my head hurts.

8. Rego changed on Grant’s car, flights priced for Paris, and a full day in the office.

9. Managed 2 walks today – sunrise and sunset to the rock wall.

10. Hair coloured and straightened ready for RWA Conference – getting nervous.

11. Off to Brisbane for RWA Conference – lovely room at the Pullman, too much bubbly at the cocktail party, and a chokito bar for dinner.

12. Presentation done, dusted and nailed!

13. Conference is done – fabulously exhausting. Post written for author page on introverts guide to surviving conference.

14. Slept in this morning – exhausted after conference.

15. Dolphins at the rock wall this morning and ice-creams at sunset.


16. Off to Sydney – reluctantly. Jetstar playing All I Want For Christmas on the PA. Yes, really.

17. My phone overheated from overuse, but the day ended with mojitos – so that can’t be bad, right?

18. Early start to the bushfire season with a blaze at Caloundra.

19. Lunch, a wander in the city, and a catch-up with friends for dinner.

20. Dumplings!

21. Happy Birthday to my sister, and laughs at dog training with Mum – the pooches are all so happy.

22. Talk about being brain dead! Dinner with friends to chill out.

23. If I modelled a character on someone I’ve spent too much time observing over the last few days, I’d be accused of creating a cliched and unbelievable character. Dinner out with a friend and home tomorrow. Oh, and Sarah got a job.

24. Homeward Bound! Sunset and a beach walk with hubby and Adventure Spaniel. Bliss.

25. Plumbing issues…groan – and good progress on the structural edit. The 2 are not related. Marcoola Night Markets for dinner.

26. Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away. Bi-planes and sunflowers.

27. New astro group at Golden Beach and lunch at Chow.

28. Tall ship and a cruise ship – what a sight.

29. Beautiful morning on the beach before work.


30. Grant to Melbourne for work – tried Chancellor Tavern for dinner.

31. Big editing day, no lights no lycra, and Grant home safe and sound at stupid o’clock.

How was your month?

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Author: Jo

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31 thoughts

  1. I went to dancing in the dark every week until it folded. I loved it. We have a No lights, no lyrca near us but I haven’t been yet…great way to exercise and release endorphins.

  2. I really love this sentence a day thing you’ve got goin’ on girl! I wanna see your hair straightened and I wanna live near the beach so I can do beach walks at sunrise and sunset! Yayyy to having your new book sent off for structural editing. You are SO productive! What a great month! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    1. I don’t reckon you’ll see it straightened much as summer sets in. I have two words for you: frizz & dreadlocks!

  3. I’m loving the sentence-a-day series as well Jo. It really makes you take time to think about what you have done for the month. I loved all your photos and the bi-plane looks exciting. Great to have your book sent for editing and looks like you had a fabulous month.

  4. I liked this when I saw it last month and ‘tried’ to make a note of something I did each day but forgot after a few days and then suddenly I had no idea what I’d done. Nothing memorable that’s for sure.

    Great news for Sarah re her job and lots of beautiful pics there!

    1. Some days are super boring – but that’s ok. It does help you look for the good in your day – even when it has just been a bum on seat day.

  5. Oooh, those ocean views…so neat to see the ships that pass.

    I want to know more about this No Lights, No Lycra thing 🙂 !!

  6. Great scenery and food pictures, Jo. The bi-plane ride looks fantastic and is reasonably priced for two. Congrats on another big step forward for your book, and nailing the conference!

  7. Wow what absolutely wonderful views you have! Love the cruise ship and tall ship. And I’m happy to find your blog via this Sentence a Day. I too love how it makes me look at the everyday mundane things in a different light.
    🙂 gwingal

  8. I’m impressed you stuck with it all month! I started out okay but there are quite a few gaps in my diary for August, still maybe I should throw them together in a blog post, it might inspire me to do better this month (says she who hasn’t documented ANYTHING in her diary so far for September) … oh and the Christmas carols by Jetstar – WTF? I went to Spotlight last week and couldn’t believe they had Christmas decorations for sale before the end of August!

  9. Need to commit #lovinlife to memory. I have used #livethelittlethings but want to remember to add your hashtag.

    You photographs are just incredible. The first one is my favorite with all of its textures and other-worldly look. Kind of Game of Thrones-ish. I can almost see a dragon gliding across the sky.

    Just realized you have a vast knowledge of astrology. Not sure how I missed that before. I used to have my cards read on occasion and used to read my horoscope faithfully but once I stopped taking the newspaper, I kind of lost interest in reading my horoscope daily. What sign are you? While I don’t know much about it, I do think there is ‘something’ to the characteristics and personality traits associated with the different signs?

    Glad your conference was a success. I enjoy presenting but get so worked up beforehand that it makes me wonder why in the world I ever agreed to speak.

    1. Thanks re your comments on my pics. We’re so lucky to be 10mins away from this fabulous beach – there’s hardly a day when I’m not down there. Re the astro, yep, I do write sun sign horoscopes, but I got into this because of the character traits & potentials/ challenges. I’m a Pisces…you?

  10. I so enjoyed reading your sentence -a -day project Jo. Your daily comments were concise yet never boring. Wow, you packed a lot into a month! Congrats on presenting at the conference and getting all the editing done. And, thanks for reminding me Christmas is just around the corner …. Best wishes for fun, creative and productive times in September 🙂

    1. I’m getting round to reading them all this arvo. It’s really cool to get a sneaky peek into other people’s lives.

  11. I love the sentence a day idea. But then, could I keep it to a sentence. I would probably turn into a para a day and bore everyone to death. I am wayyyyy too wordy. So saying that, it would be a good challenge for me! #teamlovinlife

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