That’s a wrap…

Where did August go? In a whirlwind of activity – that’s where.

Anyways, I’ll pop up my sentence a day on Thursday. For now, though, the weekly wrap.

What got clipped…


Kali. From shaggy to sleek, she’s been transformed back into Adventure Spaniel. No longer happy to loll around doing flop dog and womble impersonations, without all that hair she’s ready to leap onto lounges in a single bound and willing to tear around the house like a puppy. Talk about being a different dog.


Where I lunched…

The Velo Project – with my friend Debbish who took a detour on her way down to Brisbane. I had this fabulously healthy salad – hot smoked trout with green papaya, edamame, quinoa and other herbs and veggies.

Naturally I posted it on instagram so the world knows just how healthy I am – when in reality I’ve been eating crap (and way too much of it) all week.

What I baked…

The easiest scones in the world. 3 cups of flour, 1 cup lemon lime & bitters, 1 cup cream…mixed together, patted out and cut out, and baked in a hot oven for 12 minutes. Brilliantly simple – and the lemon lime & bitters gives it just enough of a tang.

What I booked…

Return tickets to Paris – because Paris is always a good idea – in April next year. I’ll be spending a few weeks with a friend and exploring the north of France, Belgium and possibly even the Netherlands.

What I’m reading…

The latest in Sulari Gentill’s Rowland Sinclair mysteries – A Dangerous Language. It’s been a while between Rowlys and I’m thoroughly enjoying this one.

What I’m writing…

I’m just about done with the structural edit for I Want You Back. It will be off to the editor this week. In the meantime I need to get in and finish the novel I’m now referring to as The Book After I Want You Back, and making notes for The Book After The Book After I Want You Back.

What I blogged…

On the author site: 5 reasons to love your day job

On this site: A Market Update – and tuna 3 ways

Where we picnicked…

The propellor of the Cherry Venture

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia – and New Zealand, I think – so we packed a picnic lunch and drove up to Rainbow Beach. It’s just under 2 hours up the highway – or about an hour on the sand up the beach highway. We’re wimps though – and weren’t sure how the RAV would handle the sand so the highway it was.

With a beautifully warm and sunny day, some fabulous picnic food – I made a chicken pork and pistachio terrine, a zucchini slice and some honey/soy chicken drumsticks – hubby couldn’t have asked for a better day.


What about you – how was your week?


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  1. Kali looks like a completely different dog, ready to tackle spring like a champ! Hahaha, I have a tendency to use instagram in the same way. Post all the healthy stuff and then sometimes a few treats even though you’ve been stuffing your face with junk all along.

  2. Last time I made scones I think I used the wrong flour or something and I was so embarrassed (even though no one was there!) that I stuffed up such a basic baking thing that I haven’t tried again since haha. I’m not a baker – I don’t like rules 🙂

    1. That’s the problem with baking – the rules. Cooking is so much more freeform, but as soon as you start to rely on chemical reactions…

  3. A new version of the lemonade scones! They look great. Mind you, I almost have to unfriend you, amongst others, for your FOOD pics. I can only eat soft, go down easily without chewing foods and I am rapidly becoming Very Bored!! One day I shall have teeth again up top!! You do not realise how much you miss chewing and crunching until you cannot. Enough about me. Great catch up here as always! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 34/52. Next Week’s prompt: LTW is ONE!

    1. Lol re the unfriending comment & soz re the food pics. Seriously though, you have my utter sympathy – I can only imagine how bored you are!

  4. I’d heard of lemonade in scones but lemon lime and bitters sounds interesting!

    I’ve not been to Rainbow Beach for YEARS but it looked lovely (though kinda busy) in your pics!

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